Monday, April 29, 2013

My Three SL Wishes Meme...

Here are my three SL wishes.

1. I wish that everyone in SL got along, and the amount of shady folk within the game would dwindle down next to none.

I have met some real DOOZIES in SL.  

One woman in particular actually... We'll call her "Snugglebunny"... Believed me to be sooooo obsessed with her, that every person this woman spoke to in SecondLife in the year 2011... She believed to be an alt of mine.  

How do I know this you might ask?...  She sent me a note card with a list of about 350 names in SecondLife that she swore she had proof were all my alts!  350 alts!  all mine!... 

Okay first of all...  I barely have time for the two whole alts that I have on SecondLife.  In fact I have so little time for them that I have completely forgotten a password for one of them.  

My alts are for business only.  You see... As a creator...  My inventory gets pretty full... So... The need for alts becomes a necessity from time to time.

"Snugglebunny" and I used to be friends within SecondLife, and had a falling out that I didn't think was such a huge deal at the time.  In fact... I was over the falling out by the next day, and moving on to bigger, brighter, better things to fill my time with.

I'm guessing the "falling out" that her an I had,  made her a bit "paranoid" to say the least.  And... From the note cards she shared with me... She was obviously making "frenemies" everywhere she went along the grid.

Then there is the woman who's partner owns "Sweethearts".  You all know the place I am sure...  I am banned permanently from her sim because I dared ask if I could pay for an advertisement board on her sim for my Wedding Business.

She owns "La Couer Weddings" you see, and she believes herself to be huge competition for me.   

At the time I asked to pay for advertisement space, (a courtesy she gives to anyone else along the grid)... I did not realize she owned "La Couer Weddings".

Nor did I care.

I just thought "Sweethearts" is an entire sim dedicated to lovers and it would have been a smart business decision to pay for advertising space on the sim.

So... Long story short... I am permanently banned from "Sweethearts" because I am a double threat to her laughable wedding business.

Best comment I have ever heard, and the funniest... Was when this woman proceeded to tell me " when you have a big wedding business like I have, then you will understand why I will not allow you to advertise with us".

You just cannot make this shiznit up! And...  It's a wastefull use of my time to try to fix stoopid.

I know... I know...  I'm sure to raise a few eyebrows today.  But... I would not be Winter Tenenbaum if I did not piss at least two people off a day.

Yes... I know I sound like a Bitch... But SecondLife is no place for false modesty.

I have a few friends who DJ for "Sweethearts", and it would be nice to be able to stop in,  listen to them, and leave them a tip... Like I used to do!

2.  I wish I had time to slow down a bit in SecondLife at times and enjoy the game.

I keep so busy in-between building and weddings, that I barely have time to just enjoy SecondLife for the fun of it and hang out with my Significant Other for some winding down time, and fun.

Jasey is always shopping, and is always trying to teleport me everywhere she goes.

She say's I'M boring because I hardly have time to shop!

Not that I don't find creating, building, and Weddings, fun...  Because I absolutely LOVE what I do here.

But... Some "down time" would be nice...

3.  I wish SecondLife would run properly, on demand!  I hate, hate, hate "Rolling Restart Tuesdays"!  

Every-time there are Rolling Restarts along the grid...  I lose inventory.  And.... Forget "Inventory Maintenance ... My inventory is STILL jacked up from the last "inventory Maintenance" day.

I'M starting to wonder if I will ever get all of my inventory back...

Heres the outfit DEETZ...

Shape ~ PixelDolliez ~ Autumn
Skin ~ [PXL] Linda in natural with pale lips
Eye makeup ~ [PXL] Linda ~ Purple Eye Shadow
Eye Lashes ~ Hush ~ Lush Lashes
Eyes ~ Aphotic Gloom ~ Clarus
Hair ~ Truth ~ Tenille in Champagne
Mesh Hands ~ Slink ~ Elegant
Mesh Feet ~ Slink
Shirt ~ Cold Logic ~ Graham Pinks
Capri's ~ Cold Logic ~ Brooks Pink

Till Next Time,

Winter Tenenbaum

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  1. It always seems to me that rolling restarts are stalking me. I can tp to 5 or 6 different sims and they will all be restarting at the same time. I usually give up and log out then, lol!