Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A litte late posting this...

Sorry about the late Easter post. I meant to post this along with my other Easter post of  yours truly dressed up as another SEXY Easter Bunny. But, I gotta a bit busy and sidetracked in building Ever After Weddings that this completely slipped my mind till Jasey reminded me of it.

I love this cute little ensemble.  The bright colors, the flowers, the cute furry bunny ears and tail!  This outfit was just too good to pass up.

I found this on the marketplace for 450 L's.  The outfit is made by Precious Restless ( I just love her stuff!).

The only downside that I could see, was that the shoes do not completely match the stockings, so as you can see...  My ankles seem a bit lighter than the rest of my stockings.

In world you can by this ensemble at her in world store with Tango Appliers.

Heres the Deetz on this full get up...

Shape~ LOGO infinity Chloe Hybrid Mesh Avatar
Skin~ LOGO Infinity Chloe Base Skin in Alabaster
Outfit (including shoes)~ Honey Bunny Hop~Be~Bop by Precious Restless
Hair~ Truth~Angie

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