Sunday, March 31, 2013

Hello Again. I found this while shoppin away on the SL marketplace, and I just could not resist!  I think I have "Spring Fever"!

Hers the DEETZ on this outfit...

Shape~ LOGO infinity Hybrid Mesh Avatar~ Chloe
Skin~ LOGI infinity Chloe Base Skin in Alabaster
Outfit and Hair~Persephone Couture by Precious Restless
Wings~ **Angelwing** White Feather Fairy Set (Wings Only)
Bare Feet~Gos


Happy Easter!

Here comes Winter Cotton Tail...  Hop, hop, hoppin down the bunny trail!  Happy Easter my wonderful, wonderful peeps.  From my Family to yours...  May you all have a BLESSED Easter.  Remember that Jesus is the reason for the season.  Love ya all!

Till Next Time,

Oh, before I forget...  Here are the Deetz to this perfectly, perfect Easter outfit!

Shape~ LOGO~Infinity Chloe Hybrid Mesh Avatar in Alabaster
Skin~LOGO Infinity Chloe Base Skin in Alabaster
Outfit~ Zenith by Son!a
Shoes~ Maitreya Gold Liason in Purple
Hair~ Truth~Caprice
Jewelry!Virtual Impressions Easter Egg Jewelry


Friday, March 29, 2013

Im not OKAY... (I Promise) Jaseyrae's Blogger Challange

This picture reminds me of the little twit in high school who thought she was better than everyone else around her. On the outside, she appeared to be perfectly, perfect in every single way. Senior Year of High School was "eye opening" for her. Captain of the cheerleading squad, engaged to the quarterback of the football team, and 8 months preggers at Senior Prom! Those of us from High School heard a few years later that she had recently divorced the quarter back of our football team due to his abusive tendancies. So Pammycakes.... This picture is for you :)! Till Next Time, Winter Tenenbaum

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Challenge accepted!

Jasey just challenged me to do her blogger challange, The theme this week for the challenge is "I'm not okay (I promise)" from MCR. Im excited to see what exactly my creative mind comes up with for this challenge. I will post my pictures very soon!