Wednesday, April 16, 2014

What a Day!

Well... After a long day of "Re-Vamping" a few Wedding Venues on my sim "Simply Bliss Weddings'...

I got a wonderful offline message from a lady in which whom I personally banned from my sim after finding that her and her partner copied a wedding venue of mine for their own Wedding sim "Family Ties Weddings"

Now folks...  I have tried to remain as professional as possible (if that's even possible in SL) for quite some time now.  I have tried to chill out a bit.  Let the small stuff "go".  and just have more fun with building.

However... Today has just been one of "those days"!

I logged out to have some dinner with my family and when I logged in I received the following message (and I am merely copy and pasting)...

[2014/04/16 18:49] Greeneyedbabe Resident: (Saved Wed Apr 16 06:49:09 2014)Excuse me ...Who the hell do you think you are ..Yes UI am an alt but I was looking to marry .. How dare you presume I was there trolling I mean WTF I was there looking to buy ..for my own weding .. I will be personally degradeing your company to anyone that asks me you rude bitch !!

Now folks...  I ask you...  Is this someone who you would trust your Wedding Day with?

Also mind you...  My original message to her was NOT rude in the least.  I merely stated that I had become to realize the nature of her visits and she and her partner had been banned.

I did not call her or her partners any names of any kind.  I was quite professional in my message to her.

I get that ppl have alts...  However... All of her alts are with "Family Ties Weddings"

Infact... After doing some lengthy research on these two individuals...   Everyone in the group "Family Ties Weddings"  is either Rob Collinson, or his lady love "Greeneyedbabe".

The thing that gets me the most is that she came by my sim on an alt...  earned my trust enough for me to show her my new Venue, because she really wanted to see "MidSummers" but I has already taken it down to buid the new Venue to take it's place.  I worked so hard  to Re-Vamp MidSummers...  I was picky, and only wanted the best possible options.   She then copied my venue and is using it as her own idea on her Wedding Sim.

Mind you all...  This very person and her partner in crime, have graced my sim a dozen times before I caught on to the nature of their visits.

Now, she is claiming she will degrade my company all because she got caught at her own game. REAL MATURE!

I can assure any potential customer this...  My first priority is your happiness.  I'm all about taking care of our couples.  As long as respect is a two way street between us...  There are NEVER any issues.  I am not perfect by any stretch of the word (no one person is)...  But,  I am VERY good at what I do.

I try my best to set pettiness aside, and please our couples where I can.  Even under the most extremely,  stressful situations...  My first and foremost priority is your happiness.

It just erks me so damn much, that us creators and business owners give so much of ourselves to SL and our businesses, and then we have ppl like this who just suck the fun right out of SL for you.

I come to SL as my escape from the RL Drama Rama Bullshit!

So many ppl say I have a bad Rep as a BITCH, because other ppl like this will degrade my company when I catch them attemptinig to copy my venues.

Doesn't matter if you own a business, or if you're trying to do your own wedding.

It's a slap in our faces when you copy us.

Why is it ppl do not grasp this concept?

I don't know...

I know I'm a hard Bitch to deal with when I catch you attempting to copy me.

Hell...  I wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of my rage.

This has all just build up over 7 years of this nonsense, nonstop!

So I say to Greeneyedbabe and her partner in crime Rob Collinson... (and all of your alts)

I hope the copying was worth it.

I hope you both feel better about yourselves knowing that you copied someone else's idea.

I mean, for God's sake...  I wont even shop at stores that are known for copying.

I'm hoping some of you (my readers) will feel the same way...

I just want my readers to know that should you choose to have your wedding at "Family Ties Weddings"...

They copied someone else's idea.

Till Next time,

Winter Tenenbaum

Friday, January 17, 2014

Tisk, Tisk...

Ohhhhhh, what a night!

So there I was, no shit...  Getting Winter's Kiss ready for a Wedding happening in my hood tomorrow evening.  Im making sure all of my I's are dotted and T's are crossed when I notice that the engaged couple had not sent me their music notecard or their notecard with the wedding parties names, and the role they play in the Wedding (this way I know who is who, and where to place them).

Realizing this I immediately message the couple.  I say Hello first off, and get no response. Then I briefly explain to them the nature of my message.

The groom finally responds but does not greet me back in any way, and only tells me to Message his betrothed to get the required information.

The Bride finally responds and kindly sends me the information needed to proceed preparing for their Nuptials.

upon receiving these notecards I notice that the couples music list was scarce to say the least.   They paid for a 2 hour Reception time, but only gave me 2 songs.

upon further reading I see as a side note the Bride stated that the DJ for my sim can fill the two hours taking requests from her guests.

Knowing that my DJ will find this unacceptable as he is not a club DJ, and only DJ's weddings on my sim as a favor to me...  I again message the Bride, and let her know that he is not a club DJ, and although he can do some requests from her guests...  He cannot do so the entire length of their reception and politely ask again to give us something to work with.

The Bride then gets snippy with me and tells me she will "have Dave deal with me!"  Her words not mine.

Which is pretty funny since Just a few minutes before speaking with the Bride, Dave could not be bothered to talk to me.  Now all of a sudden his lil Princess stirs up shit in my neighborhood and she's gonna send Big Dave my way (as if IM supposed to be intimidated by his pixels).

Dave sends me a message...  Doesn't say "HI" to me...  No No...  Dave is to good for that kind of silly nonsense...  Instead, Dave asks me what my problem is...

I explain to him that I do not have a "problem", I am just trying to get a proper notecard from them with at least some music so that my DJ can play some music from their chosen Genre.

The groom tells me just to play "rock" music.

Finally... I say Fuck it,, and just go with it the flow.

Now...  Fast forward about 2 hours.  I get an IM from the Groom asking if he and the Bride need to teleport to their Wedding Venue to set poses (which should be a no brainer)...  I  politely tell him yes to please teleport to their Wedding Venue when they are ready as I am already there ready and waiting on them.

So...  They finally show up.  It doesn't bother me a bit that they are almost 20 mins late. They show up with two ppl in their Wedding Posse,  so  I figure I would be patient and wait on the rest of their party to show, as I really had nothing else going on tonight. No biggie.  Of course no one else shows up, and this is all my fault of course because t's just crazy talk to expect two grown  adults to be responsible.

Once these two settle in the venue they begin speaking on voice.  The groom starts going into this long diatribe about how it would have been nice to know about the Wedding Rehearsal, because had they known,  they could have arranged for everyone to be there.  Next thing I know I'm being told on voice that I am a shitty Wedding Planner for not telling them anything about the Wedding Rehearsal date and time.

I then politely direct them both to their Receipt  which is as follows:

This serves as a receipt for Dave Ward that 6000 L's were transferred to Winter Tenenbaum and/or JaseyRae Petrovic for Wedding services on 12/27/2013

Couple's Names (To appear in the ceremony): Dave Ward and Chula Sapphire

Package booked: Cinderella

Venue booked: Winters Kiss

Wedding Date & Time: January 18th 2014 @ 6pm SLT

Rehearsal Date & Time: January 17th, 2014 @ 6pm SLT

Balance due @ Rehearsal:6000 L's

Wedding Colors: royal Baby blue and White and silver

Invitation chosen:  Winters Kiss

Thank you for choosing Simply Bliss Weddings!

Upon sharing this with the Bride...  The Groom claims I sent him a totally different receipt (even though this is the only receipt I have in my inventory for this couple)

The Grooms receipt reads the same except that He deleted the date and time of the Wedding rehearsal as to NOT look like a liar in his pretty lil Princess eyes.

Also...  He obviously does not know much about saving notecards but if you know what you are doing you can find the exact date and time a notecard was updated, and the one he sent to his Bride to be, which she then sent to me was updated @  2014-01-17 06:34:15 note card  (taken straight from the properties in the NC)

He deleted this part of the original receipt (which normally my receipts are send with no MOD perms but I musta forgot on this one)

This is the part he deleted:

Rehearsal Date & Time: January 17th, 2014 @ 6pm SLT

And...  He changed the notecard from full perms to Copy/Transfer/ No Mod

Tricky, tricky lil dicky...

(Dave... Unfortunately for you... You are NOT smarter than the average bear, and I am NOT the Asshole Whisperer.)

so now... His recently updated receipt says this (and Im copy and pasting from the receipt his lovely peach sent to me tonight...

This serves as a receipt for Dave Ward that 6000 L's were transferred to Winter Tenenbaum and/or JaseyRae Petrovic for Wedding services on 12/27/2013

Couple's Names (To appear in the ceremony): Dave Ward and Chula Sapphire

Package booked: Cinderella

Venue booked: Winters Kiss

Wedding Date & Time: January 18th 2014 @ 6pm SLT

Balance due @ Rehearsal:6000 L's

Wedding Colors: royal Baby blue and White and silver

Invitation chosen:  Winters Kiss

Thank you for choosing Simply Bliss Weddings!

All this drama caused by a man who wasn't "Man Enough" to man the fuck up and admit he was wrong!

By this point his Bride is furious with me.  Calling me names, and telling me what a shitty business owner I am in SL.

All the while he is calling me a liar over and over again because I stand my ground.  And....  He has the nerve to demand respect from ME after calling me a liar.

Finally after about 30 mins of repeatedly being called names, and scolded for something I did NOT do...  I log out.

I figure at this point...  I am not going to stand there and let him call me a liar when he is the liar, and then turn around and perform a wedding for him in my beautiful venues with a smile.

One of the biggest fallacies perpetuated in both RL and SL is that because we get paid to provide a service...  we must also, as business owners... Take a customers abuse.

I wouldnt take abuse from anyone IRL...  I sure the hell will not do so in SL.

I have met so many wonderful ppl here in SL.  And...  I have come across many wonderful couples (most of whom I married on my sim at one time or another)...  And then theres people like these two who fuck up SL for the rest of us.

Personally I think they both should have to un- install the viewer from their computers since they obviously do not know how to operate the viewer responsibly.  This is just my opinion.

I should have known better than to deal with this fool after he lied to my daughter about the time of appt I made with him and his peach to take their engagement picture that they were late for.   Their appt  time was for a noon EST per the Brides request.   But...  These two nitwits didn't show up till after 12:30 EST.  (Which actually was an issue for my daughter because she has a toddler to run around after. So...
Keeping a tight schedule is important for both her and my Grandson).   Hell...It's important for anyone with yunguns running around the house..

Funny thing is... All the while the Bride is yelling at me on voice, and telling me she has a RL, and RL comes first because she has kids blah, blah, blah...  Chulita insisted that my daughter take time away from her son's lunch time to take their picture.  Hypocrite much, Chulita?...

Im guessing in Dave and Chulita's lil fantasy world... The same rule that they feel applies to others, does not apply to them, and we should all just be so very grateful that these two can be bothered to grace any of us with their presence.

Dave badgered my RL daughter so badly (even tho she waited on them for a half an hour to get a picture of them after their appt time) that she finally just set feeding her son's lunch aside so that she could help the King and Queen of Douchebagville.

I will say this... I don't blame the Bride entirely as Dave is the one who lied to her about the receipt.  I will however,  hold her accountable for her rude behavior, which was less than savory.

I hope she stops to think... If he is willing to lie over something so small where a simple "Im sorry I didn't read the receipt entirely" would have sufficed...

What else will this lying liar, lie about?...

These two were so rude, and mind you I barely said a thing to them outside of defending myself and my business.

I did not call any of them names, yet I was accused several times of being disrespectful for standing my ground and pointing out the obvious flaws in Dave's story. ( *cough*  lies)

There are plenty of equal opportunity assholes in this world, and SL is full of em!


I'M sorry to vent.  Even if no one reads this shit.  I had to get this off my chest so I can let it go.

Till Next Time,


Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Simply Bliss Weddings ''Promise Garden'' Wedding Venue.

Hi again, lovelies!  As some of you know...  Winter has been building some Breathtakingly Beautiful Wedding Venues to revamp the sim.  She has had so much fun in doing so, and I think our new Wedding Venue really showcases her passion for romance and love.

We here at Simply Bliss do hope that you enjoy our incredible venues as much as we enjoy bringing the beauty of the power of love alive!

Till Next Time...

Jasey and Winter

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Simply Bliss Weddings ''Honey And Lace'' Wedding Venue

Well, well, well...  It;s been awhile since I last posted a nibble.  Sorry folks for the long break, but I assure you I have been feverishly building new Wedding Venues for our couples to enjoy!

Here is the first of many new venues opening at Simply Bliss!  I do hope you enjoy my creations as much as I have enjoyed building them for our lovely couples.

You all inspire me to do what I do, and I couldn't do any of this without any of you...

Till Next Time,

Winter Tenenbaum