Saturday, February 21, 2015

Pictures just aren't the same without you...

Nope! They sure aren't... I was bored, and missing my Beloved last night... So I thought I would head on over to the "Shiny, Shabby Event" late last night to see what I could find. So many great creators during this round, with so many awesome creations! It was so hard for me to decide what to buy. I did buy "stuff" tho, believe me! I was shoppin like it's my last day on earth! Here's is the first of the many, many, MANY, items I purchased from the event. It's a pose of all things!  I just could not pass up this set.  When I saw it in the little shop, I knew I just had to do something with it. Since my beloved was sleeping, and un-available to take a pic with me I decided to go it alone.  I wanted something that expressed how I was feeling in that very moment. The pose is by Exposeur, available for purchase now at the Shiny, Shabby Event.  So hop, skip, and run on over to the event, and take a look of the many wonderful creations there are to choose from. Enjoy!

Till Next Time,
Winter Tenenbaum

Friday, February 20, 2015

I feel pretty

So here I am again... Did you miss me?  I feel so pretty today IRL, So, I thought that my Avie deserved to feel pretty to.

So Naturally I wandered into my closet to see what pretty finds I found while visiting this month's round of Collabor88...

I totally love the vintage type style the best. Although... I will admit that at times my style can seem all over the place. Vintage clothing is where it's at!

So many great items at Collabor88 this round, but this little ensemble is my favorite.

I imagine myself just lying in the grass, watching the clouds roll by, and holding the hand of my beloved, while wearing this gorgeous outfit.  No shoes required!  I love it!

Here's the outfit Deetz:

Dress ~ Foxes - Wallflower Dress - Sweet 

MINA Hair - Kaya 

Eyes ~ IKON ~ Promise Eyes ~ in Aquamarine

Head ~ Themeshproject ~ Fierce 

Face ~ Deetalez ~ Doro

Body ~ Maitreya Laura Body

Skin ~ Deetalez ~ Nordic Skin

Happy Shopping!

Till Next Time, 
Winter Tenenbaum

Monday, February 9, 2015

Who wants to be my Valentine?!

LOL!!! All Kidding aside... I just don't have time for a valentine in my life as of late.  I'm to busy dealing with RL problems, but every now and again I like to slink on over to my SL side to see what SL has to offer me...  No!  I'm not talking about another Man!...  I'm talking about my real SL love...  SHOPPING!  So, Here is the first of many items I have found (as far as clothing goes)... To spoil myself with this valentine's season.  The dress is by Dead Dollz.  I absolutely love Dead Dolls formal wear.  I'll admit... I was not a fan at first... But, they have really come a long way in a short period of time.  Just about everything they make now is on my "Wishlist"...  I cannot wait to wear EVERYTHING in their store!  Kudo's to the owner of Dead Dollz...  You're quickly becoming a favorite of mine, which is saying a lot, because anyone who knows me will tell you that I am extraordinarily picky. Oh, and a special shout out goes to Glamestry shoes.  I am wearing the ramonda heel for the slink foot.  Come's with a handy dandy HUD for color change purposes.  These shoes are also available for the Mesh Project feet.

Till Next Time,
Winter Tenenbaum

Grandpa's Nook

So Gramps was getting a bit surly about not having a space to call his own.   So, I headed on over to Collabor88 To see what I could find for him.  I was amazed at how many beautiful items were there this round.  So many things, so little L's...  You know what I mean?...  So, here is what I found for Gramps to spend his days sitting and relaxing in a place to call his own.  Beware... Don't you dare wake Gramps when he is sleeping in his big comfy chair!  He's "Old School"... If ya know what I mean?...

Here's the Deetz:

Grampa's Chair ~ junk. redfern chair.  mint chocolate.

Grampa's Lamp ~ Apple Fall Industrial Lamp w/ Extender (Rust)

Grampa's Tree ~ Apple Fall Banana Tree

Grampa's TV ~ 7 - Philby Television

Grampa"s Camera Light ~ junk. vintage camera light.

Grampa's Bar ~ Apple Fall Masculine Bar

Radiator ~ junk. old radiator.

 Brown Curtains ~ [ARIA] Delilah curtain - N-TwentyOne exclusive (Color Edited)

Lighted White Sheer Curtain ~ tarte. night sky curtain

Till Next Time,
Winter Tenebaum

Friday, February 6, 2015

I Love Shabby/Chic Decor!

So here I am again... Giving myself some "Self Love" for thew month of Lovers and Valentine's...  This year... I am my own Valentine!  No worries...  My Mr. Right will find me!  So since this is another season of "giving"...  I decided to give to myself and re-decorate my house.  I am so pleased with how my entire house has turned out.  So here's a preview of all the "Self Love" I gave to myself...

 Here's the Deetz: 

Living room set ~ Rug, Sofa, Chairs, Lamps, End Tables. Coffee Table, Candle stick Pillars, Wooden Screen, Tall standing lamp ~ Apple Fall @ Fameshed

Fire place ~ Candle Fire Place with tiles ~  Trompe Loeil 

Round Mirror over Fireplace ~ The Loft - Neiman Mirror Cherry

Round Mirror On Wall Above Sofa ~ Upton Mirror ~ The Loft

Cluster Mirrors on Wall above Sofa ~ The Loft - Mirror Cluster Distressed

Cat on Chair ~ (fd) Cat - 06 Caught in the Act 1 (Gacha)

Cat in front of Fireplace ~ Feline Treasures - Naptime - Calico Pumpkin

Here's the Deetz:

This one is easy...Entire kitchen was bought at LAQ Decor It is a complete set that come's with color change options.  Amazing Find!

 Here's the Deetz:

Chair with Kitten hanging off the back ~ *ionic* Kitty Chair (Gacha from The Chapter Four)

Bed ~ tarte. dreamer's  bed - brass

Stacked Suitacase End tables ~ tarte. suitcase stack (fall)

Dresser Bench ~ tarte. dresser bench (rustic)

Rug ~ tarte. monochrome rug

Wooden Desk ~ tarte. little library (old)

Wall Hangings ~ tarte. wall collage

Daisies in Pots ~ The Loft - White Daisies Pot Yellow

 Here's The Deetz:

Fireplace ~ Trompe Loeil - Candle Fireplace 

Stacked Suitacase End tables ~ tarte. suitcase stack (fall)

Kitty On Rug ~ Feline Treasures - Naptime - White Pumpkin

Candlestick Pillars ~ Trompe Loeil @ Fameshed

Jug of Roses ~ AF Gacha @ The Chapter Four

Here's the Deetz:

Here is another easy one...  Entire room is nicely decorated with Apple Fall Gachas from The Chapter Four Event

I hope you enjoyed this tour of my new home.

I will be updated my blog with some more good finds in the coming days, so stay tuned!

Till Next Time,

Winter Tenenbaum

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Love is in the air...

I just love "Valentines Month"!  All those Reds and Pinks!  Who cares if I don't have a Valentine this year...  No matter!  I got myself, and I suppose loving yourself is better than anything in the world!  I'll spoil my own damn self... Be my own Valentine! I did do some spoiling of myself yesterday, and splurged a bit.  Bought some absolutely romantic furnishings that will sure make any of my guests "Feel The Love" when they enter my Love Shack.  I was feeling quite girly yesterday (I'm not sure why), but that being said...  I really do like the girly side of me (sometimes). If you're looking to fill your Love Shack with some of the goodies I have purchased, check out Finishing Touches.  I love this creator.  This furniture is absolutely amazing, and the couples poses within the furnishings are SUPERB!  Also make sure you hop on over to LAQ Home Decor.  I had been admiring this kitchen for quite some time, but failed to realize the color change options.  You can literally make your kitchen any color you desire.  Any Color!  The poses in the kitchen are pretty amazing and come with some nifty props for you to play with.  All in all... Not a bad day of shoppin...  I love spoilin myself for valentines day! Come back soon to my blog to see what other girly finds I buy this month to show myself some lovin!  Who needs a man when you have shoppin to do!

Till Next Time,

Winter Tenenbaum

Here's the Deetz...

Living Room:

Sofa, Chairs, Rug, Table, Heart Poufs, Table decor,  Wall Frames, Wall Hearts, IHeartYou Screen, Cabinet, ~  Finishing Touches

Curtains ~ Aria ~ Delilah curtain - N-TwentyOne exclusive

Hanging lights ~ Second Spaces - snow day string lights - light

Barbed Wire Lights ~ junk. barbed wire chandelier. silver

White Table Console ~ The Loft - Mathis Console White

Flowers on Console ~ [ keke ] snow drops in bowl, [ keke ] snow drops in bottle - group


Entire Kitchen set was purchased at LAQ Decor (instore)

Hanging Pom Poms ~ -tres blah- Soiree - Pom Poms

Kitchen Curtain ~  tarte. night sky curtain

Hanging lights ~ Second Spaces - snow day string lights - light