Saturday, February 21, 2015

Pictures just aren't the same without you...

Nope! They sure aren't... I was bored, and missing my Beloved last night... So I thought I would head on over to the "Shiny, Shabby Event" late last night to see what I could find. So many great creators during this round, with so many awesome creations! It was so hard for me to decide what to buy. I did buy "stuff" tho, believe me! I was shoppin like it's my last day on earth! Here's is the first of the many, many, MANY, items I purchased from the event. It's a pose of all things!  I just could not pass up this set.  When I saw it in the little shop, I knew I just had to do something with it. Since my beloved was sleeping, and un-available to take a pic with me I decided to go it alone.  I wanted something that expressed how I was feeling in that very moment. The pose is by Exposeur, available for purchase now at the Shiny, Shabby Event.  So hop, skip, and run on over to the event, and take a look of the many wonderful creations there are to choose from. Enjoy!

Till Next Time,
Winter Tenenbaum

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