Friday, May 31, 2013

Truth Hair Model Search Submission #'s 4 and 5

Here are my 4th and 5th Submissions for the Truth Hair Model Search.

Been a long day for me so Im gonna "hit the hay"...

I hope you enjoy these pics as much as I enjoyed taking them


Winter Tenenbaum

Truth Hair Model Search submission # 3

Here is submission # 3 of the "Truth Hair Model Search".

What do ya think?...

Till Next Time,

Winter Tenenbaum

Truth Hair Model Search Submission # 2

Here is my Submission # 2 for the Truth Hair Model Search.

I love this hair from Truth!  Well...  I love anything that screams "Pin up", or "Rockabilly"...

I found this sim while roaming.  It's an absolutely amazing "Must See"!

The Corset that I am wearing I found on the MP for 300 L's.  I absolutely love this Corset as i am an old Dracula movie fan freak!

The Corset itself does come with Tango Appliers however, I chose not to wear mine as this pic was taken for the Truth Hair Model Search and I wanted the hair to be more of a focus than my bigguns...

For those of you who love to take pictures, but are unsure of which sims to check out for locations  I will post a flickr site for you to go to where you can see some pictures and get the location details.


Here's the outfit DEETZ...

Skin ~ Glam Affair ~ Cleo ~ Europa ~ 07 A
Eyes ~ Mayfly ~ Deep Skye Mesh Eyes ~ Borrealis
Eye Lashes ~ Hush ~ Lush Lashes
Mesh Eye Liner ~ Glam Affair ~ Couture 1
Hair ~ Truth ~ Sadie ~ Light Blondes02
Corset ~ DRBC ~ Creature Feature Boo-lesque Corset (comes with or without Tango applier options)
Tatoo ~ Custonm Ink by B*fly
Sim Location ~ Scheherazade

TTill Next Time,

Winter Tenenbaum

Truth Hair Model Search

Here is my submission for the "Truth Hair Model Search".

I'm still learning photoshop, and it's truly amazing how much I learn every day!

Jasey is the best teacher I swear.  She is never afraid to try new things.  I'm a bit more reserved than Jasey when it comes to messing with pictures but I am all too sure that once I REALLY get the hang of photoshop...  My voyeuristic side will come out to play!

Here is the outfit DEETZ...

Skin ~ Glam Affair ~ Cleo ~ Europa 2A
Eyes ~ Mayfly Deep Skye Mesh Eyes ~ Borrealis
Eye Lash ~ Hush ~ Lush Lashes
Hair ~ Truth ~ Jade ~ Light Blondes02
Dress ~ Tee*fy ~ Odette Dress ~ Springfield Set

Till Next Time,

Winter Tenenbaum

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

So... I'm Running around the Cupcake sim looking for some shoes, when I come across this portion of the sim.

It's raining here!  Despite the rain though the sim is absolutely amazing!

Very "picturesque"...  Has a lovely "Old town, Main Street"  feel about it!  Reminds me a lot of the little shops you find in Italy.

Check the sim out.  It is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! 

Till Next Time,

Winter Tenenbaum

Cute Couples Pose

Found this cute little pose while shoppin on the marketplace.  for the most part I love this pose.  The only issue I had was getting the camera to move in Noble's hands.  The camera is like a million tiny pieces so I opted out to moving the camera and just moved his pose instead.

The pose is made by In~ Stance and was bought off the marketplace for 249 L's.

Look them up on the marketplace...  They have some really cute poses to choose from.


Till Next Time,
Winter Tenenbaum

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Kissy, Kissy!

This is Me, and Mr. Yummy!

Been 9 years an counting for us!

I love me some HIM!

This is one of my favorite past times.  Spending time lovin on Mr. Yummy!


Till Next Time,
Winter Tenenbaum

Communications Meme

This is my Communication Meme.  The "dirty" on how I communicate with others within SecondLife.


1.  Who did you speak with last in world today?  Silver Shine.  She came to Ever After Weddings to schedule her wedding with us for June 8th, 2013.

2.  Who has taught you the most about SL?  Im gonna have to say Jasey has.  She has taught me a great deal about photography, and where to find the best deals in world.

3.  Who do you turn to for help?  Jasey of course.  She is my rock!

4.  Who is the most entertaining person on your friends list?  Im gonna have to go with Extremely Noble.  He is always "up to something", and getting into mayhem wherever he goes.

5.  Do you speak to your SL friends outside of SL?  I do, actually.  I have a few friends that I will speak to on certain social networks such as skype or plurk.

6.  Are you part of a community or family in world?  I am a part of my family which includes Jasey and myself.  Jasey is my RL daughter.

7.  Are you usually around a lot of people, or are you usually alone in world?  For the most part I stay to myself.  The only time I am around a lot of people are at Weddings on my sim, or things like Fameshed, collabor88, or The Arcade.  I do socialize quite a bit with my couples.  Kinda comes with the territory and for me that is ok.  For the most part I prefer to be alone or with Jasey and Noble only.  I have come across some shady peeps in world who really have rubbed me the wrong way and I do not have the good sense it takes to not be so candid about the many ways ppl F up in world.   So... In order to keep myself "PC"...  I stay to myself and only push back when I am pushed over the edge.  I have a very low tolerance for stupid, shady ppl.  And...  SL is full of em.  Sorry if that offends anyone.  But...  I know you all silently agree with me to a point.

So there you have it.  The "dirty scoop" on how I communicate within SecondLife!

Till Next Time,

Winter Tenenbaum

Monday, May 27, 2013

Fresh new face at PixelDolliez!

I bring to you tonight a new shape at PixelDolliez...

This is Katrina, our newest shape here at the shack///  Stop on by today to check out our many other shapes we have to offer.  

More new shaped being added daily.  Seriously we would have no life if it wasn't for our SL!

Anywho...  For a full sized picture of our shapes stop on by the shack and check us out.



Sunday, May 26, 2013

PixelDolliez ~ Roxie Shape!

Okay so I know I keep saying I finally found my new look...  And then Jasey goes and makes a new shape!

I blame Jasey for this and I'm sure you will all stand with me on that score!  Right...  Wink, Wink...

So...  Let's just say this is my new look until "PixelDolliez" comes out with a new shape....Atleast two days tops!

This shape is "Roxie"  By PixelDolliez, and as you can see from the few pictures I have posted here...  It is a very versatile shape for many popular skins along the grid as are many of "PixelDolliez" Shapes.

My favorite skin of course is Cleo by Glam Affair.  The shading and contour on this scree is remarkable and the best so far I have seen in SecondLife.  Believe me...  I have tried on a great deal of skin along the grind.  Glam Affair is by far my favorite.

Admittedly...  I am a bit curious as to what Curio has in store for us, ladies!  I'll be sure to keep you all posted!

Till Next Time,
Winter Tenenbaum

Pretty in Lace!

Okay... So Jasey is gonna kill me for this picture, because she loves to keep colors natural and clean.  

Me on the other hand...  I love to make the colors of my photo's POP!

I love to play with colors just to see how Bright I can get them without washing away the beauty of the picture.

This of course does not work well with all skin tones so you have to be careful.

The pale skin tones work best for this.

Jasey hates when I do this to my pictures because she finds the "brightness to be distracting and intrusive to the original beauty captured within the picture".

Ah well...  This one's for you Jasey! 

I'M taking the plunge soon in SL and have been looking for a nice gown to take for my engagement photo with my Yummy something special, and I came across this gorgeous gown at Collabor88.

The Gown and Parasol is called " Cloud Into the Woods" By Schadenfreude

Cost for both the Gown and the Parasol is 188 L's each.

It is absolutely perfect for my wedding venue as well, and I am considering wearing this gown during the reception.

My Wedding will be on the "Shabby" side as far as Wedding Venues go in SecondLife choosing to create a Shabby Garden area for my nuptuals..

I have built my own venue, which will be open to the general population in SLand as well.

anyhow my lovelies...  Happy Shoppin!

Till next time,
Winter Tenenbaum

Saturday, May 25, 2013

New skin at Glam Affair!

So my lovelies...  I'm out shoppin along the grid when Jasey sends me a message about the new Glam Affair Skin!

I was so excited to see it that I dropped everything I was looking at and ran right over to check it out.

This beauty is called "Cleo".

I just love this skin.  Looks so natural to me.  I love the pale shades but I hate to look like I am being washed out.

This skin does not make me feel that way.

I love how delicate and youthful this skin looks.

I have tried this skin on a variety of shapes I have in my closet, but I will admit I like it best on my "Ramona" Shape by PixelDolliez!

Makes me feel young again!

Anyhow...  I just wanted to share with you my fantastic new look.


Till Next Time,
Winter Tenenbaum

SL Disney Bound ~ Week 11: Zazu

Hi my lovelies...

Here is this weeks Disney Bound Blogger challenge.

This week's Character is "Zazu",  from Disney's "The Lion King"!

This one was not as easy as I thought it was going to be... But... In the end I think I pulled it off!

The fun part of course was all the shopping I got to do!  

Here's the outfit DEETZ...

Shape ~ PixelDolliez ~ Ramona
Skin ~ Glam Affair ~ Cleo in Europa
Eyes ~ Redgrave ~ Mountains
Eye Lashes ~ Redgrave ~ Corner Pointed
Hair ~ Truth ~ Hollana in Champagne
Blazer with Shirt ~ Cold Logic ~ Lepore in Navy/Orange
Skinny Jeans ~ Maitreya ~ Zipper Jeans
Necklace ~ [GLOW] Studio ~ Chained Feathers in Orange
Stilettos ~ Slink ~ LuLu Stilettos
Feet ~ Slink Mesh Feet 
Hands ~ Slink Mesh Hands

Till Next Time,
Winter Tenenbaum

Saturday, May 18, 2013


WTF...  Soooooo much hate happening today happenin on my sim.  ALL of it Unwarranted!

So I was accosted by someone who calls herself a "Professional Photographer" within SL during a Wedding at my sim.

Here's what one "professional" had to say to me today...

 Mina Mikri Mou (aimina.kytori): 
im too hard headed and bitchy to let you 2 cent nitwitted ninny tell me anything or something. We were being civil and nice and asking you to please move aside. You question my me and my ability to do my job and you are rude. Do yourself a favor and get off your high horse and get laid. Yeah yeah, you can't fight with me because I am ignorant as hell, bitch.

Yes, Yes...  Obvious BAD Grammar and all!  You just cannot make this shit up...

Ordinarily I would have told her to piss off in about 7 different languages, but since she, herself admits she is IGNORANT...  I felt it best to just let her have her moment of IGNORANCE, and send the bitch packin.

All this because as I was lining up a bridal party, and helping a child avie find her pose as best as I could...  I was instructed not so politely by her partner in crime (Cheese Cutter) or whatever the hell he calls himself... To move out of his way.  

The IM went like this...  "Can you move out of my way? I'm trying to get pictures of the guests here and youre in my way".

Yes I copied and pasted...

No...  "Hi Winter, Can you please step aside so I can take some pictures?"  NO, NO!...

Cheese Man is too good for simple things like manners and kindness...

Mind you... I was in the back of the ceremony area getting the Bridal Party lined up on poses.  NOT in the guests seating area. And...  Cheese Man and Mina were BOTH told that I would kindly get out of their way as soon as I had every bridesmaid lined up.

Mind you all again... I greeted both of these individuals as soon as they entered my Wedding Venue with a kind, friendly, and warm "Welcome", and neither one of them said a word to me in return.

They didn't even as much as introduce themselves to me as the "Hired Help".

Just a rude... BOTH of them... Straight out the gate!

Oh yeah...  The people from "Pure Shot Photography" are real PEACHY PEEPS to deal with!  However...  They are certainly NEVER welcome back at Ever After Weddings.

And uh... For the record...  My sex life IRL is just fine!  You do not stay with the same Man for as many years as I have been with mine without a healthy sex life!

And... Because this is my blog... And... I can basically post what I want...  Happy Caturday!

Enjoy Grumpy Cat Mina!

Till Next Time,

Winter Tenenbaum

Monday, May 13, 2013

Bachelorette Party Attire!

So... Im getting married soon!  Yes, Yessss!  My yummy, yummy finally popped the big one!... And... I was out shopping looking for a wedding gown when it hit me.... Isn't the "Bachelorette Party Attire" almost as important as the gown?...  I mean you're basically going out to announce to the world that you are about to give your heart and soul to just one person for what you hope will be the rest of your life.

Let me tell ya...  I went all over the grid to find something FUN, yet ELEGANT (in a playful kinda way)...

I found this outfit on the marketplace

This entire ensemble cost me less that 700 L's (Hair included)...

I just love when I can keep my outfits under 1k...  I tend to be a bit of a snob when it comes to clothing, so when I find an outfit like this for 700 L's... You bet imma snatch that biotch right up!

Here's the outfit Deetz...

Skin ~ [PXL] ~ Linda in Natural
Hair ~ Truth ~ Enisa in Champagne
Boots ~ *GF [MESH]  Lace Up Boots "Gina" in Ivory
Shorts ~ LIZ ~ Mystere ~ White Shorts
Shirt with Jacket ~ LIZ ~ Mystere ~ White Jacket

Till Next Time,

Winter Tenenbaum

SL DisneyBound - Week Nine: Marie

Everybody... Everybody... Everybody wants to be a Cat!

This weeks Sl DisnerBound Challenge comes from one of the best Disney movies EVER!

This weeks challenge... Marie from the Aristocats!

She was the ultimate DIVA as far as Disney Ladies go.

So many others were doing cutsie little dresses for this challenge, so I decided to go a different route.

As my name is Winter...  I thought I would stick to something a little different, and out off season to change things up a bit.

Here's the outfit DEETZ...

Winter Coat and Skirt ~ *GF [Mesh] Winter Coat ~ Natalie in Ivory
Boots ~ *GF [Mesh] Lace up Winter boots ~ Gina in Ivory
Hair ~ Treuth ~ Velvet in Champagne
Skin ~ [PXL] ~ Linda in natural with pink lips


Till Next Time,
Winter Tenenbaum

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Oh yes... This really happened here....

The latest Losers to Grace Ever After Weddings...

KeithDelover Resident: so i take this rings and place it on your finger

KeithDelover Resident: saying to you i love you and only one,, be mine no matter what thro sicks and health i am here for you my wife angel

TemptressAngel Resident: this ring will be a symbol of our love and the trust and bond we share

KeithDelover Resident: and now for all to know we are married ,, so meet Mr and Mrs De'Lover

Now, I know you are all thinking.... "What a BITCH!"...

"How can she be so rude and crass regarding the ppl who choose to marry at her sim?"

This is why I can be so rude and crass....

The above mentioned ppl did NOT pay me for wedding services to beheld on my sim....  No, no...

They chose to take liberties on my sim for FREE while I was busy handling another wedding for a couple who did pay me for services rendered by Ever After Weddings.

Sneaky, Sneaky, Sneaky....

Oh wait!...  I didn't even share with you all the best freaking part of their visit to Ever After Weddings...

These people thought it would be great fun to CRASH a Wedding Reception going on in one of my venues!

They irritated the Happily Married Couple so badly that our couple decided it best to just go home to celebrate their nuptials,  after simply banning these idiots did not work, because they ALL came back on every ALT AVIE they ever had in SecondLife, in order to insure that their intrusion did not go unnoticed!

And people wonder why certain types of individuals in SecondLife irritate me so much.  It's because for some folk on the grid...  Some believe that they can hide behind the guise of "we cannot put a RL face to a SL avie".  So...  The need or DESIRE to show any REAL class in game goes out the window entirely.

It's a shame.  Because...  People like this suck the FUN out of SecondLife completely.


To all you other business establishments out there...

Might wanna ban these assholes from your sim as well.

Who's to say they wont take the same liberties on your sim copying items you make....

By KeithDeLover's own admission to myself...  He is a master builder and knows how to copy ANY inventory item in SecondLife.

Oh yeah...

He threatened to copy every last one of my venues on his alt, and put my business to shame.

Keith Baby...  Put your money where your mouth is!

If you couldn't afford to pay for a proper wedding to marry your "lady friend"....  I hardly doubt you have the cash just lyin around to pay for prims or those pesky little sculpts.

Businesses in SecondLife need to beware of this joker and his new Bride.

Protect your sims.

Do yourself a solid...

Ban these assholes!

Till Next Time,

Winter Tenenbaum

Be Nice to Your Wedding Planner...

Hey guys, sorry for the non-pictureage tonight. This is a venting post, because it's my blog and I do what I want.

Lately, we have been booking the couples from hell. 
Mostly they are super pleasant to deal with, up until rehearsal time, or worse, Wedding time.

Don't fuck with the person you paid a lot of L's to for a wedding.
You paid us for a Wedding, you did NOT pay us to sit there and take your nasty bullying because you're too petty to understand some of our rules.
Yes, we are business professionals, but we aren't going to put up with being cussed at, being called names, or being maliciously attacked because you didn't understand something.

Would you sit there and take being called mean and nasty names for no reason?
Seriously, this one wedding that was supposed to take place tomorrow, Winter and I spent hours perfecting little extras for them that they didn't even pay for as an apology for being 20 mins late for their rehearsal.   Let me qualify that we were not late for the rehearsal, but apparently the couple needed Winter to hold their hands and get them to their rehearsal on time.  Because just teleporting to your wedding venue at your scheduled rehearsal time is just crazy talk...

I spent 1 hour (when I should have been getting my son ready for bed mind you) completely rebuilding a specialty pose for this couple, props and all, only to be met with rudeness and nastyness because one of their  bridal party members couldn't be bothered to show up for rehearsal the other day and couldn't get his pose set right fucking then and there.
Oh and all of this happened way AFTER Winter's SL business hours. She was only online to get the venue ready for their wedding. 

It's people like this who ruin SL for Winter and myself  This game is supposed to be fun and relaxing, and it's causing nothing but unnecessary drama and stress.

Thank you to my lovely couple Livvy and Dragon who's wedding we did tonight, for proving to me that there are some really sweet people among the assholes in SL. I love you guys for that <3

*sigh* I guess I'll go to bed now.
Thanks for allowing me to vent ^_^
<3 Jasey & Winter

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Short Hair!

Now... Jasey and Noble BOTH really, really hate this short Hair Style, but I LOVE IT!

Kinda reminds me a little bit like Miley Cyrus's short hair style (which I love!)

The hair is "Emeli" from Lelutka.

The styles is smotth and sleek looking, and comes with a tatoo layer hairbase which looks amazing!

Looks really realistic!  

I am not a fan of any hair the looks "fake" or "noobish".

I have really, over time, grown to love Lelutka's hair styles.  For me Lelutka hair seems to be the most realistic looking hair, with far better color options than most others.

And...  Most of her hair I can wear with my Lola's, which is a HUGE + for me.

If you haven't yet tried Lelutka hair... You should give it a whirl.

Try her Demo's on the MP.

Im thinking I may keep the short look a while...


Here's the outfit DEETZ...

Shape ~ PixelDolliez ~ Autumn
Skin ~ [PXL] Linda in Natural with Gold Lips
Eye Makeup ~ [PXL] Linda ~ Gold Eye Shadow
Eye Lashes ~ Hush ~ Lush Lashes
Eyes ~ Aphotic Gloom ~ Clarus
Hair and Hairbase ~ Lelutka ~ Emeli
Jumper ~ Cold Logic ~ Shields ~ Ivory
Heels ~ GOS ~ Grace Sandals in Gold
Tatoo ~ B*Fly ~ Custom ink (not available)

Till Next Time,
Winter Tenenbaum

Thursday, May 2, 2013

50 Shades of Sexy

Here is this weeks " 50 Shades of Sexy " Bloggers Challenge.

I don't see nothing wrong.... With a little bit of Bump and grind!  Oh yeah...

Don't we make a sexy couple?...

Hells Yeah we do!

Since we obviously are not wearing anything more than what the good lord above gave us to wear...

No outfit DEETZ this time!

Have a yummy, Yummy Evening...

Till Next Time,
Winter Tenenbaum

Aladdin and Jasmine

This is another picture for Week 8 SL DisneyBound Blogger Challenge:  Aladdin and Jasmine.

Previously I had posted a picture of myself dressed like Jasmine (except with blonde hair), because my SO was not available to fill in for the part of Aladdin in this weeks challenge.

Luckily... Jasey offered to fill in for him.  So here you have it....

Winter and Jasey as Jasmine and Aladdin!

Here's the outfit DEETZ...

Jasey (Aladdin):
Skin: Hope NoBust Black NT Soft Body - D Tone: The Sugar Garden
Hair: Edith - Espresso: Truth Hair
Top: Draped Crop Tee - Purple: ISON
Bottoms: Miami Linens - Coconut: *BOOM*
Feet: Barefeet Flat: GOS Boutique
Hands: Mesh Hands for D Tone: The Sugar Garden

Winter (Jasmine):
Skin: Linda - Natural: PXL Skins
Hair: Truth Hair
Dress: Tee*fy
Necklace: Zaara
Shoes (Not Pictured): Zaara
Mesh Hands: SLink Avatar Enhancement Hands

Pose: Glitterati

Till Next Time,
Winter Tenenbaum

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

SL DisneyBound – Week Eight: Jasmine

This week for the blogger challenge was supposed to be a " couples week".  So... Originally this was supposed to be Aladdin and Jasmine, from Disney's Aladdin.

However...  My Significant Other is unavailable this week to help me with blog challenges,  so it's just Jasmine for me this week.

I know Jasmine is supposed to have black hair... But, I wanted to be Winter this week and not change my hair color.

Here are the outfit DEETZ...

Shape ~ PixelDolliez ~ Autumn
Skin ~ [PXL] Linda in Natural
Eyes ~ Aphotic Gloom ~ Clarus
Eye Make up ~ [PXL] ~ Linda ~ Cat Eyes
Lashes ~ Hush ~ Lush Lashes
Mesh Hands ~ Slink ~ Elegant
Mesh Feet ~ Slink ~ Bare Feet
Heels ~ Slink ~ Lulu Stiletto's in Gold
Pant Suit ~ Ison ~ V-Cut Jumpsuit in Mint
Ring ~ Zaara ~ Rage Oyster Ring in Pearl
Hair ~ Lelutka ~ Jasmine ~ Blonde Fun
Necklace and Earrings ~ Lelutka ~ Jasmine

Till Next Time,
Winter Tenenbaum

More Closet Treasures!

So... I'm still diggin in my closet and came across another treasure from Leezu!

Another classic outfit that I never wore before.

Seems I like Leezu clothing ALOT!

I found so many different outfits from Leezu, un-opened, and in my closet!

Some oldies, but goodies...

I just love when I find this stuff!

Here is the outfit DEETZ...

Shape ~ Autumn ~ Pixel Dolliez
Skin ~ [PXL] ~ Linda with Natural Pink Lips
Hair ~ Exile ~ Independant Woman in Light Blondes
Eye Makeup ~ [PXL ~ Linda ~ Purple shadows
`Eye Lashes ~ Hush ~ Lush Lashes
Eyes ~ Aphotic Gloom ~ Clarus
Mesh Hands ~ Slink ~ Elegant
Mesh Feet ~ Slink
Heels ~ Slink ~ Lulu Stiletto's in White
Top ~ Leezu ~ Keahani Top in Pink
Skirt ~ Leezu ~ Manoa Micro Skirt in Pink

Till Next Time,

Winter Tenenbaum

Closet Cleaning Day!

So...  I was diggin deep through my closet and found this cute outfit!

This particular outfit I purchased from Leezu ages ago.  But, I am only wearing it now for the first time.

Should tell you all how serious of a shopping addiction I have in SecondLife!

It's awesome when you go to clean out your closet, and you find buried treasure!

Kinda like finding that "fiver" in the pocket of your blue jeans when you go to wash them!

Imma go back to my closet and dig up some more goodies!

Before I go... Here are the outfit DEETZ...

Shape ~ Autumn ~ PixelDolliez
Skin ~ [PXL] Linda in natiral with cherry lips
Eye makeup ~ { PXL] Linda smokey eyes
Eye Lashes ~ Hush ~ Lush Lashes
Eyes ~ Aphotic Gloom ~ Clarus
Hair ~ Exile ~ Crazy in Love ~ Light Blonde
Mesh Hands ~ Slink
Mesh Feet ~ Slink
Heels ~ Slink
Jacket ~ Leezu ~ Nadja Jacket ~ Cream
Top ~ Leezu ~ Nadja Halter Top ~ Cream
Skirt ~ Leezu ~ Nadja StreetBallerina Skirt in Cream

Till Next Time,
Winter Tenenbaum