Saturday, May 18, 2013


WTF...  Soooooo much hate happening today happenin on my sim.  ALL of it Unwarranted!

So I was accosted by someone who calls herself a "Professional Photographer" within SL during a Wedding at my sim.

Here's what one "professional" had to say to me today...

 Mina Mikri Mou (aimina.kytori): 
im too hard headed and bitchy to let you 2 cent nitwitted ninny tell me anything or something. We were being civil and nice and asking you to please move aside. You question my me and my ability to do my job and you are rude. Do yourself a favor and get off your high horse and get laid. Yeah yeah, you can't fight with me because I am ignorant as hell, bitch.

Yes, Yes...  Obvious BAD Grammar and all!  You just cannot make this shit up...

Ordinarily I would have told her to piss off in about 7 different languages, but since she, herself admits she is IGNORANT...  I felt it best to just let her have her moment of IGNORANCE, and send the bitch packin.

All this because as I was lining up a bridal party, and helping a child avie find her pose as best as I could...  I was instructed not so politely by her partner in crime (Cheese Cutter) or whatever the hell he calls himself... To move out of his way.  

The IM went like this...  "Can you move out of my way? I'm trying to get pictures of the guests here and youre in my way".

Yes I copied and pasted...

No...  "Hi Winter, Can you please step aside so I can take some pictures?"  NO, NO!...

Cheese Man is too good for simple things like manners and kindness...

Mind you... I was in the back of the ceremony area getting the Bridal Party lined up on poses.  NOT in the guests seating area. And...  Cheese Man and Mina were BOTH told that I would kindly get out of their way as soon as I had every bridesmaid lined up.

Mind you all again... I greeted both of these individuals as soon as they entered my Wedding Venue with a kind, friendly, and warm "Welcome", and neither one of them said a word to me in return.

They didn't even as much as introduce themselves to me as the "Hired Help".

Just a rude... BOTH of them... Straight out the gate!

Oh yeah...  The people from "Pure Shot Photography" are real PEACHY PEEPS to deal with!  However...  They are certainly NEVER welcome back at Ever After Weddings.

And uh... For the record...  My sex life IRL is just fine!  You do not stay with the same Man for as many years as I have been with mine without a healthy sex life!

And... Because this is my blog... And... I can basically post what I want...  Happy Caturday!

Enjoy Grumpy Cat Mina!

Till Next Time,

Winter Tenenbaum

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