Sunday, May 26, 2013

Pretty in Lace!

Okay... So Jasey is gonna kill me for this picture, because she loves to keep colors natural and clean.  

Me on the other hand...  I love to make the colors of my photo's POP!

I love to play with colors just to see how Bright I can get them without washing away the beauty of the picture.

This of course does not work well with all skin tones so you have to be careful.

The pale skin tones work best for this.

Jasey hates when I do this to my pictures because she finds the "brightness to be distracting and intrusive to the original beauty captured within the picture".

Ah well...  This one's for you Jasey! 

I'M taking the plunge soon in SL and have been looking for a nice gown to take for my engagement photo with my Yummy something special, and I came across this gorgeous gown at Collabor88.

The Gown and Parasol is called " Cloud Into the Woods" By Schadenfreude

Cost for both the Gown and the Parasol is 188 L's each.

It is absolutely perfect for my wedding venue as well, and I am considering wearing this gown during the reception.

My Wedding will be on the "Shabby" side as far as Wedding Venues go in SecondLife choosing to create a Shabby Garden area for my nuptuals..

I have built my own venue, which will be open to the general population in SLand as well.

anyhow my lovelies...  Happy Shoppin!

Till next time,
Winter Tenenbaum

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