Sunday, May 26, 2013

PixelDolliez ~ Roxie Shape!

Okay so I know I keep saying I finally found my new look...  And then Jasey goes and makes a new shape!

I blame Jasey for this and I'm sure you will all stand with me on that score!  Right...  Wink, Wink...

So...  Let's just say this is my new look until "PixelDolliez" comes out with a new shape....Atleast two days tops!

This shape is "Roxie"  By PixelDolliez, and as you can see from the few pictures I have posted here...  It is a very versatile shape for many popular skins along the grid as are many of "PixelDolliez" Shapes.

My favorite skin of course is Cleo by Glam Affair.  The shading and contour on this scree is remarkable and the best so far I have seen in SecondLife.  Believe me...  I have tried on a great deal of skin along the grind.  Glam Affair is by far my favorite.

Admittedly...  I am a bit curious as to what Curio has in store for us, ladies!  I'll be sure to keep you all posted!

Till Next Time,
Winter Tenenbaum

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