Sunday, December 15, 2013

Winter's Big Fat Small Wedding!

Here it is...  The long awaited very private nuptuals of Winter and Noble!

Video was shot on location at Simply Bliss Weddings in our "Frozen" Wedding Venue.

For Wedding services that are a cut above the rest please contact Winter Tenenbaum, or Jaseyrae Petrovic.

For excellent videography services with outstanding customer service please contact Extremely Noble for rates.

Till Next Time,

Winter Tenenbaum

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

I Feel Pretty

So Ladies...  Exile has released some new hairs... AGAIN!

And...  They are all amazing!

Today I am wearing " Erase and Rewind"  By Exile.

I am so pleased that Exile has been releasing new hair pretty much on the regular.  It's hard to keep up, or decide which of these new hairs are my favorite.

I think... For me at least...  I am going to say this one tops the list!

I love long hair with thick bangs.

Here are the outfit DEETZ...

Skin ~ Glam Affair ~ Vera ~ America

Hair ~ Exile ~ Erase and Rewind in light reds

Lashes ~ Mon Cheri ~ Falsies

Dress ~ -tb- Frilly Dress ~ Rosey

Boots ~ [Hoorenbeek] ~ Engineer Boots ~ Gritty Tan

Hands ~ Slink Hands ~ Elegant

Till Next Time,

Winter Tenenbaum

Monday, November 18, 2013

Walking... And, I'm wishing you were with me.

Hello My lovelies...  Again, it has been awhile.  My real Life is so busy that I forget to keep up with you all.  My apologies for being such a slacker.

That being said...  Now onto the show!

I hadn't been shopping in quite some time, and decided it was about time I get my ass in gear and find some new clothing to keep myself updated on the "fresh and happenin" new looks circulating around Second Life.

I came across several outfits!  But...  This one I am wearing is by far my favorite new ensemble.

The dress is made by Mutresse and comes with a color HUD so that you can change your look, color,  and/or mix N match some colors.  Go sleeveless...  Wear Sleeves...  Totally up to you!

This dress looks amazing on.  Usually with Mesh clothing it can be hit or miss depending on your shape.  I had zero issues with this dress whatsoever.

The boots in this ensemble was the inspiration behind the outfit. [Hoorenbeek] was having a huge sale, and I got these for 200 L's!  I couldn't pass them up!  I had been looking for some fun, frilly, country chic outfits to wear, and these boots were absolutely a perfect place to start.

The hair is from Truth Hair.  I had bought this hair a few weeks ago and only just remembered I had it last night while surveying my inventory.  It totally works with the outfit, and soooooo completes the look I was going for!

Here are the outfit DEETZ...

Skin ~ Glam Affair ~ Vera ~ America
 Mesh Eyes ~ Mayfly ~ Twilight Shadow
Lashes ~ Mon Cheri ~ Falsies
Hands ~ Slink Hands ~ Elegant Hands
Hair ~ Truth ~ Juniper in reds (hat is included w/ color change options in the hud)
Dress ~ Mutresse ~ Lil Sheer Shirt with Dress (Color change hud included)
Boots ~ [Hoorenbeek] ~ Engineer boots in tan

Till Next Time,

Winter Tenenbaum

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Pretty in Pink

Hello my lovelies...

I know this post is not Halloween related, but I wanted to share this outfit with you.

I know us ladies find it a bit of a daunting task to find clothing for us Curvy ladies in SecondLife that doesn't make us look like a trashy whore.

This outfit is kinda teetering on the border for me, but it's cute as hell so I'm F'in sharing it!

I found this lil cutie on the marketplace, and in fact the whole store is dedicated to us curvy physiques.

This outfit comes with both Tango and Phat Azz appliers.

I love that some stores in SecondLife will cater to the needs of us curvy beauties.  I'm not a skinny waif IRL so why would I make my Avie a skinny waif.  I'm not fat IRL either, but I do have some dangerous curves (if you know what I mean)... 

so onto the outfit DEETZ...

Outfit (including boots and lollipop garter belt) ~ *CK* ~ Sensual Touch
Hair ~ Chemistry ~ Tamora
Skin ~ Glam Affair ~ Angelica ~ America
Boobies ~ Tango ~ Mirage
Phat Azz ~ L.Inc.
Lashes ~ Falsies ~ Mon Cheri
Eye Make up ~ Glam Affair Elit Eye make Up in pink shadow ( Cosmetics Fair)
Lipstick ~ Glam Affair ~ Elit Lipstick in pink #8 (Cosmetics Fair)
Hands ~ Slink ~ Elegant Hands

Till Next Time,

Winter Tenenbaum

This is Halloween Part 5

Okay Ladies...  Here is my next submission for my top picks for Halloween costumes.

This beauty is also created bt Precious Restless (I swear I love this woman in a very non creepy, platonic sorta way)!

She is by far one of the most amazing creators in SecondLife I have seen in my 9 years in game thus far.

Every time I think she has created the perfect costume, she comes out with something new.

She's incredible!

Only draw back to this costume is...  Again, there are no Lola or Phat Azz appliers.

The outfit does come with a cute umbrella, and a pair of heels to match the outfit. However,  I am partial to mesh shoes so I chose not to wear them.  Pair this outfit with a nice pair of black or even red boots and you're good to go.

Here are the outfit DEETZ...

Skin ~ Glam Affair ~ Angelica ~ America

Eyes ~ AZ ~ Silver Ice

Dress ~ Bellamorte ~ Precious Restless

Hair ~ Macabre Pompadour Hair ~ Precious Restless

Lipstick ~ Glam Affair ~ Prezioso (Cosmetics Fair)

Eye Makeup ~ Glam Affair ~ Prezioso (Cosmetics fair)

Eye Lashes ~ Falsies ~ Mon Cheri

Till Next Time,

Winter tenenbaum

Monday, October 21, 2013

This is halloween part 4

Hello Ladies...  Well I think I've done it!  I found the perfect Halloween costume!

This precious lil get up is called Gwendolyn, created by Precious Restless of Boudoir.

I absolutely love, love, LOVE this costume!

Only drawback...  No Tango or Phat Azz appliers.

Still...  I don't mind a bit!

This set does come with both mesh and non mesh components so every lady should have no issues with this outfit.

Only other draw back were the shoes the outfit comes with but if you pair this with a cute pair of heels you should be alright.

Here are the outfit DEETZ...

Skin ~ Glam Affair ~ Angelica ~ America

Eyes ~ AZ ~ Twinkle Orange

Lashes ~ Falsies ~ Mon Cheri

Hair ~ Wait ~ Magika

Lips ~ Elit ~ Glam Affair (Cosmetics Fair)

Eyes Makeup ~ Glam Affair ~ Prezioso (Cosmetics fair)

Costume ~ Gwendolyn ~ Precious Restless

Shoes ~ GOS ~ Isabella

Till Next Time,

Winter Tenenbaum

Sunday, October 20, 2013

This is Haloween Part 3

Okay Ladies...  Up next for your viewing pleasure is this hot little number called "Alice part 2"  From *Be Designs*...

This outfit can be worn a few different ways as it comes with the option seen in the pic, a tank top option, and an option to take off the tank top and wear pasties on your boobies.

The hat and the candy filled pumpkin bucket come with this outfit.

The panties also have two options.  First option is to wear them normally covering your hiney...  The other is to have one side of the panty pushed aside showing off your azz cheek a bit.

This outfit also comes with a "No Tango, No Phat Azz" option in the box.

There are also optional leg warmers and arm warmers that can be worn with this outfit as well as slippers.

Here are the outfit DEETZ...

Costume ~ *BE Designs* ~ Alice part 2

Hair ~ Magika

Eyes ~ [LZ] Mesh Eyes ~ Orange Blue

Lashes ~ Mon Cheri ~ Falsies

Skin ~ Glam Affair ~ Angelica ~ America

Lipstick ~ Elit Lipstick ~ Glam Affair (Cosmetics fair)

Eye Makeup ~ Glam Affair ~ Prezioso  (Cosmetic Fair)

Hands~ Elegant Hands ~ Slink

Boobs ~ Mirage ~ Tango

Phat Azz ~ Luck Inc.

Till Next Time,

Winter Tenenbaum

This is Halloween part 2

Hi again Lovelies...

Up next for review is this cute lil witchy outfit.

This outfit is called " Madness"  and is a group gift for members of Lil Lace so if you're not already a group member...  Make your way to Lil Lace and join the group, pronto!

I do love this outfit!  Only thing I found disappointing was that although it comes with a really nice mesh corset... However, if you wear your Phat Azz you cannot wear the corset.  wha, wha, whaaaaaaaa... Bummer!

So for you skinny lassies you will get to enjoy this costume entirely a bunch more than I did.

Still...  For the price of free...  I cannot do a whole lot of bitching and it's still cute as hell!

The only other issue I had was to wear the tattoo on my lag I had to wear the panties pushed aside option on the Phat Azz applier, as the regular panty option would not allow the tattoo to show (not quite understanding the method behind that madness)

Here's the outfit DEETZ...

Bra, Panties, and Hat ~ Madness ~ Lil Lace

Leg Tattoo ~ We Belong Dead ~ Reckless

Eyes ~ [LZ] ~ Mesh Eyes ~ Orange Blue

Lashes ~ Falsies ~ Mon Cheri

Eye Makeup ~ Prezioso Eye makeup ~ Glam Affair (Cosmetics Fair)

Lipstick ~ Elit Lipstick ~ Glam Affair

Skin ~ Glam Affair ~ Angelica ~America

Hands ~ Elegant Hands ~ Slink

Hair ~ Magika ~ Away

Boobies ~ Mirage ~ Tango

Phat Azz ~ Luck Inc.

Till Next Time,

Winter Tenenbaum

This is Halloween

Well, well my lovelies....  It has certainly been a while since my last post.


The Bewitching hour is upon us and so I feel compelled to sit my tukis down at this computer, and start letting my fingers do the talking!

Anyone who knows me will tell you that Halloween is by far my most favorite Holiday.  I always loved to play dress up as a little girl, and Halloween allows us adult kiddies to continue playing dress up (even if for only a day).

So...  I scoured the stores in SecondLife looking for my favorite picks for Halloween costumes.

I am really into my Tango Boobies and my Phat Azz so for the most part you are going to see costumes devoted to these two items as I feel there just is not enough creators jumping on board as of yet to create more clothing for us curvy ladies.

Skinny ladies... Do not be discouraged.  All of the costumes I am going to review will also come with a "no Tango, no Phat Azz" option for you.

up first for review is my favorite pick so far...

This lovely creation is called succubus made by Sassys.

There are 3 color options to choose from in their store at the :"Azz Show" .  Available in white  (the color seen above) , Black, and Red.

I chose the white color for myself because it is called "False Purity".  That's me!  

Here's the outfit DEETZ...

Costume ~ Succubus (False Purity) ~ Sassys

Hair ~ Dolly ~ Truth

Eyes ~ Noir Optix ~ Twilight Red Eyes

Lashes ~ Falsies ~ Mon Cheri

Dark Eye Shadow ~ Glam Affair (Cosmetics Fair)

Lipstick ~ Glam Affair (Cosmetics Fair)

Boobies ~ Mirage ~ Tango

Phat Azz ~ Luck Inc.

Skin ~ Glam Affair ~ Angelica ~ America

Hands ~ Elegant hands ~ Slink

Till Next Time,

Winter Tenenbaum

Monday, July 29, 2013

American Bazaar: Hello Titty Event!

Okie ladies...  Last, but certainly not least... I will review this cute little top from American Bazaar.

I think outta all the stuff I chose to blog about for this event... This top is definitely up there as far as faves go.

I'm torn... But I think this one is my #2 Favie!

I just love the shade of pink on this top.

Kinda like a salmon pink. I love it!

I love the "swoop" in the front of the shirt showing off a bit more cleavage, which always makes a lady feel a bit more sexy.

The "swoop" is incredibly, realistic looking.

This top looks great with a pair of old jeans, or... Just as I chose to show you...  With just a cute pair of undies.

The only drawback was that to get this shirt to look flawless I did have to edit the texture lines a tad so that they aligned properly.

I'm not sure that this would be the case for all of us Big Breasted Babes...

I wear my boobies a little on the "medium" side of large so that they don't look freakishly huge on my small frame.

All in all...  I still give this shirt a "Thumbs Up!" and a "hell Yeah!"

Make sure you stop by the "Hello Titty Gacha Event"  To check out this shirt, as well as all the other wonderful items created with our Big Beautiful Breasts in mind!

Till Next Time,


Sassy's: Hello Titty Events!

Okie ladies...  Up next for review is this wonderful top from Sassy's...

What can I say?...  A picture tells a thousand words.!

I don't believe I have anything negative to say about this cute little top.

The top is called "One More Night" Made by Sassy's

This top works well with the Tango appliers.  A lot of times when I get a top like this, and use the tango applier I find I have to edit the texture a little bit to align the texture lines.

I did not have to do that with this particular top, which was nice.

Wore straight out of the box, perfectly!

I do like the texture work on this top, and the buckles look pretty realistic.

This is another item I would consider to be versatile with almost any other kind of outfit.

I don't think I have ever purchased anything that I just didn't like from Sassy's!

I love her entire store!

Just needs me them funds to buy everything she has in her store!

This particular top can be purchased in a variety of different colors at the Hello Titty Gacha Event.

Till Next Time,


Cute Corset made by Hard Candy

So...  I know I havent posted a lot recently.  Been a lot of RL stuff going on.  I wanted to make sure I get on and do some much needed fashion blogging.

First up!  This fabulous Pony Cake Corset from Hard Candy!

I love the texture on this corset.  Reminds me of when I was young and would walk around with my "My Little Pony" dolls.  And...  Of course I love anything with a Rainbow of color!

The corset itself fits quite nicely on my avie's body. 

In fact... I would even say it helps shape my hips little better than I can just from editing my body.

I have worn this corset with jeans, short skirts, short shorts, with some nice lace panties, and of course my rainbow panties!

They all look wonderful together, and so fun to play with the many versatile ways you can add this to an outfit.


Usually...  When I wear my Tango's...  I find I have to wear a size medium shirt or corset.  Not so with this one...  A small fit quite nicely, and I didn't notice any visible "invisible lines" or any bulging skin poking out the corset on any side of it.  BONUS!

Hard Candy currently sells several different colorful corsets to choose from.  My all time favorite though is the one I am wearing in this picture, but all of them are super nice!

Stop by and check out the Gacha's at the" Hello Titty" Event and check out all the wonderful merchandise up for grabs for us Big Breasted Babes in SL!

Till Next Time,


Sunday, July 14, 2013

Fairies and Collabor88!

Hi my lovelies...

I know it's been a while since I last posted anything.

Been on hiatus for a couple weeks or so.

I am back in action now.  At least for the time being as RL permits.

What a week of great finds at Collabor88!

I think this round of Collabor88 is my favorite round yet!

So many cute finds, from the glam affair skin, to the shoes, and the dresses.

Oh... And of course these cute little fairies I found there!

I am most impressed at how well the mesh dresses are made this round.

Love to see when creators in SL start to bloom, and hone their skills to such high standards!

Thumbs up for Collabor88 this round!


Here's the outfit DEETZ...

Skin ~ Glam Affair ~ Cleo ~ Arctic

Hair ~ Truth ~ Genesis 

Eye lashes ~ Damned ~ Long Lashes

Eyes ~ Mayfly ~ Paris Green Shadow

Dress ~ Baiastice  _Ayoun Dress ~ Iceberg

Fairies ~ *MishMish*

Shoes (not shown) ~  GOS ~ Ursula Wedges~ Silver

Pose ~ aDORKable Poses ~ Side Pony #3

Till Next Time,


Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Just chillin...

and relaxin on mah new bench...

Happy Independence Day!

Till Next Time,


Monday, July 1, 2013

SL DisneyBound: Week Sixteen

Anastasia and Drizella

What fun I had creating these looks with the help of Jasey.

This week was couples week for the DisneyBound Blogger Challange.

You don't have to be a couple to do this challange.  You can do the picture with your Daughter (as I did),  with your Significant Other, or your BFF!

Who doesn't like the story of Cinderella?

Who of us didn't secretly hope to find our "Prince Charming" one day?...

And... Who of us didnt despise Anastasia and Drizella.

Lets not forget about that ole Evil Step Mother!

Anywho...  It was a delight to create this picture for your viewing pleasure.

Enjoy  :)

Till Next Time,


Friday, June 28, 2013

50 L Friday!

Hi My Lovelies!...

What day is it?...

It's 50 L Friday, Silly!

Here's is just one of the items on the list for 50 L Friday.

The Dress...

Not bad for 50 L's.  Comes with a color change HUD with a variety of different color options to choose from, and the sizes are pretty accurate as far as mesh goes.

The dress is called MIEL Nautica Dress, made by who else...  MIEL.

So far for me...  I have no complaints whatsoever about this dress.

Here's the outfit DEETZ...

Skin ~ Glam Affair ~ Summer ~ America

Hair ~ Lelutka ~ GoGo ~ Fire Red (hat included with color change options)

Eyes ~ MayFly ~ Mesh Eyes ~ Desert Dawn Shadow

Eyelashes ~ Hush ~ Lush Lashes

Hands ~ Slink ~ Elegant Hands

Feet ~ Slink ~ Tiptoe


Till Next Time,


Thursday, June 27, 2013

Fun in the Sun!

So...  I'm still in my dream world having a SL Vacation, cuz IRL, for the Summertime I will be having a "Staycation"  Thanks to Sequestor cuts (thank you very much idiots running the govt.)...

So, while I was out shopping I decided to get a new bathing suit.

Because 23 suits is just not enough!

So here's the new suit...


Till Next Time,


Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Splish Splash!

No Im not taking a bath!

We'll okie...  I'll admit I do Bathe everyday...  

Was just having some more summer fun at home, and have really been trying to learn my way around Photoshop.

Toodles for now...

I'll be back, when the day is new...

And I'll have some more pictures for you to view...

And then you might say, we have a lot to talk about...




Night Night.

Till Next time...



Just havin some romantic fun with Mr. Yummy!

SL Disney Bounding Blogger Challenge

This weeks challenge...  BOO from Monster Inc.

Since I am in the mood for Summer, and just bought a new beach house...  

I figured I would do a beachy theme picture for this.

Boo is absolutely one of my favorite Disney Characters.

Maybe...  Because I have 3 little girls of my own.

and... Because I like the color purple!


Here's the outfit Deetz...

Skin ~ Summer ~ Glam Affair

Hair ~ Zuska ~ Browns

Eyes ~ Mayfly liquid Light Mesh Eyes ~ Desert Dawn Shadow

Lashes ~ Hush ~ Lush Lashes

Bathing Suit ~ Kuuipo Tied String Bikini

Dress ~ Deetalez Dresses Wet and Dry

Hands ~ Slink Hands

Till Next Time,


Summertime is the best time of year!

Some more Summer Fun!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Hair Fair Contest: Breakfast at Winters

Here is my Entry for the Hair Fair Contest: Breakfast at Winters!

I had a lot of fun shopping for this picture.

Only difficulty I did have was finding a darn necklace that I liked enough to wear with this get up.

I wanted something with pearls and Diamonds that looked elegant and sophisticated.

All I could find where too flashy and showy.

Not at all what I wanted.

Anywho...  Here's the outfit Deetz...

Skin ~ Summer America ~ Glam Affair

Hair ~ January ~ Truth ~ Light Browns

Eyes ~ Mayfly ~ Desert Dawn Shadow ~ Mesh Eyes

Dress ~ Audrey ~ Cracked Mirror

Lashes ~ Lush Lashes ~ Hush

Hands ~ Slink ~ Elegant

Cigarette ~ The Sea Hole ~ Parisian Cigarette and Holder

Tiara ~ Pandora Tiara in Shimmer ~ Tempestuous

Till Next Time...


I Love Lelutka Hair!

Hey again!...  I had been gone for about two weeks, and when I return I find that Lelutka had created some new hair!

What a wonderful way of celebrating my return to SL!

OMG...  I am so in love with her new styles.

The one I am wearing is called "Beth"...

Comes with a variety of bandanna color options.

The hair is amazingly, quite realistic looking!

I think tho...  My favie for the summertime is gonna be "GoGo" because it comes with a super fun hat that has a good variety of texture options!

Enjoy again  :))

Till Next Time,


Summer Fun with Mr. Yummy!

Hi again!  Just thought I would post a few more pics for ya all.

Just me and Mr. Yummy having some fun on the beach with all the goodies we got at SummerFest!

Enjoy  :))

Till Next Time, 



So...  I finally stumbled on over to SummerFest, and MAN!  What a selection of cute items!

I was most impressed with the bikini's from Boom, but I also Love, Love, LOVE... The new Summer skin from Glam Affair!

SummerFest has everything from outdoor beach decor, to flowers for your pretty little hair, and lots of stuff in between!

If you have not already stopped by SummerFest...  YOU SHOULD!

I know, I know...  I waited quite a while.  Actually I was on a break from SL due to some RL Mama Drama, but I'm back, and ready to tear this place up!

Anywho...  Here's the outfit Deetz...

Skin ~ Summer ~ America ~ Glam Affair

Hair ~ GoGo ~ Lelutka ~ Dark Reds ~ With Hat

Bathing Suit ~ Boom ~ Sugar

Eyes ~ Mayfly ~ Desert Dawn Shadow Mesh Eyes

Lashes ~ Hush ~ Luscious Lashes

Hands ~ Slink Mesh Hands ~ Elegant

Feet ~ Slink Mesh Feet


Till Next Time...


Monday, June 24, 2013

Whats Your Digits? Take # 3


Proportions challenge questions:

1. Do you try to keep your avatars body proportionate and similar to picture above?  The short answer is...  Probably not.  I basically just fiddle around with numbers till my body looks the way I want it to.  Those numbers do change per whatever Mesh outfit I am wearing.  My head and face tho always remain the same.

2.  What do you dislike most about the SL avatar Mesh?  What bothers me the most is the fact that some small sized Mesh Clothing is actually extra small or XXS.  Alot of times I find I am having to adjust my butt size, Breast size, or hip width accordingly just so I do not see those awful invisible lines from the Alphas.

3.  Does it bother you when you see other SL Avatars that are not proportionate at all?  I honestly could care less.  It's not so much a pet peeve of mine.  To each their own.

4.  Even though this is a virtual world and people can be anything they want to be, do you feel when they are in human form, they should try to keep their proportions close to average?  Nah...  Again this is SL and people are free to be anything they want to be.  As for myself...  I'm a bit of a picky person.  Always gotta look my best!

Now for the second part of the challenge.  Sharing my digits!  I will go ahead and share my body digits.  My face however was created by mwah, and I will not share as my face is what sets me apart from the rest of the folk on SL.

Height ~ 6 feet tall on flat feet.  Picture shown I am wearing tip toe feet from Slink (according to the SL Avatar Ruler)
Body Fat ~ 8
Head Size ~ 58
Torso Muscle ~ 31
Breast Size ~ 47
Arm Length ~ 60
Hand size ~ 30
Torso Length ~ 42
Love Handles ~ 38
Belly Size ~ 0
Leg Muscle ~ 46
Leg Length ~ 40
Hip Width ~ 77
Butt Size ~ 35
Saddle Bags ~ 32

So there you have it!  My digits...

I know my digits may not seem proportional to some, but I am happy with the way my avatar looks.  For today atleast...

Till Next Time,

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Fun in the Sun!

Okay...  So I know it's been awhile since my last post.  Been kinda on a personal Hiatus for a bit due to some RL Family Mama Drama.

Before I went on my mini "Vacation"...  I bought a bunch of items from "The Arcade"  to kinda show off in pics.


I'M a California Gal, and I just love anything near the ocean!  so this was a "Must Do" picture as far as I am concerned.

If you have not been to The Arcade already then get your tukus down there!

So many items to buy there.

Till Next Time,


Friday, May 31, 2013

Truth Hair Model Search Submission #'s 4 and 5

Here are my 4th and 5th Submissions for the Truth Hair Model Search.

Been a long day for me so Im gonna "hit the hay"...

I hope you enjoy these pics as much as I enjoyed taking them


Winter Tenenbaum

Truth Hair Model Search submission # 3

Here is submission # 3 of the "Truth Hair Model Search".

What do ya think?...

Till Next Time,

Winter Tenenbaum

Truth Hair Model Search Submission # 2

Here is my Submission # 2 for the Truth Hair Model Search.

I love this hair from Truth!  Well...  I love anything that screams "Pin up", or "Rockabilly"...

I found this sim while roaming.  It's an absolutely amazing "Must See"!

The Corset that I am wearing I found on the MP for 300 L's.  I absolutely love this Corset as i am an old Dracula movie fan freak!

The Corset itself does come with Tango Appliers however, I chose not to wear mine as this pic was taken for the Truth Hair Model Search and I wanted the hair to be more of a focus than my bigguns...

For those of you who love to take pictures, but are unsure of which sims to check out for locations  I will post a flickr site for you to go to where you can see some pictures and get the location details.


Here's the outfit DEETZ...

Skin ~ Glam Affair ~ Cleo ~ Europa ~ 07 A
Eyes ~ Mayfly ~ Deep Skye Mesh Eyes ~ Borrealis
Eye Lashes ~ Hush ~ Lush Lashes
Mesh Eye Liner ~ Glam Affair ~ Couture 1
Hair ~ Truth ~ Sadie ~ Light Blondes02
Corset ~ DRBC ~ Creature Feature Boo-lesque Corset (comes with or without Tango applier options)
Tatoo ~ Custonm Ink by B*fly
Sim Location ~ Scheherazade

TTill Next Time,

Winter Tenenbaum

Truth Hair Model Search

Here is my submission for the "Truth Hair Model Search".

I'm still learning photoshop, and it's truly amazing how much I learn every day!

Jasey is the best teacher I swear.  She is never afraid to try new things.  I'm a bit more reserved than Jasey when it comes to messing with pictures but I am all too sure that once I REALLY get the hang of photoshop...  My voyeuristic side will come out to play!

Here is the outfit DEETZ...

Skin ~ Glam Affair ~ Cleo ~ Europa 2A
Eyes ~ Mayfly Deep Skye Mesh Eyes ~ Borrealis
Eye Lash ~ Hush ~ Lush Lashes
Hair ~ Truth ~ Jade ~ Light Blondes02
Dress ~ Tee*fy ~ Odette Dress ~ Springfield Set

Till Next Time,

Winter Tenenbaum

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

So... I'm Running around the Cupcake sim looking for some shoes, when I come across this portion of the sim.

It's raining here!  Despite the rain though the sim is absolutely amazing!

Very "picturesque"...  Has a lovely "Old town, Main Street"  feel about it!  Reminds me a lot of the little shops you find in Italy.

Check the sim out.  It is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! 

Till Next Time,

Winter Tenenbaum

Cute Couples Pose

Found this cute little pose while shoppin on the marketplace.  for the most part I love this pose.  The only issue I had was getting the camera to move in Noble's hands.  The camera is like a million tiny pieces so I opted out to moving the camera and just moved his pose instead.

The pose is made by In~ Stance and was bought off the marketplace for 249 L's.

Look them up on the marketplace...  They have some really cute poses to choose from.


Till Next Time,
Winter Tenenbaum

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Kissy, Kissy!

This is Me, and Mr. Yummy!

Been 9 years an counting for us!

I love me some HIM!

This is one of my favorite past times.  Spending time lovin on Mr. Yummy!


Till Next Time,
Winter Tenenbaum

Communications Meme

This is my Communication Meme.  The "dirty" on how I communicate with others within SecondLife.


1.  Who did you speak with last in world today?  Silver Shine.  She came to Ever After Weddings to schedule her wedding with us for June 8th, 2013.

2.  Who has taught you the most about SL?  Im gonna have to say Jasey has.  She has taught me a great deal about photography, and where to find the best deals in world.

3.  Who do you turn to for help?  Jasey of course.  She is my rock!

4.  Who is the most entertaining person on your friends list?  Im gonna have to go with Extremely Noble.  He is always "up to something", and getting into mayhem wherever he goes.

5.  Do you speak to your SL friends outside of SL?  I do, actually.  I have a few friends that I will speak to on certain social networks such as skype or plurk.

6.  Are you part of a community or family in world?  I am a part of my family which includes Jasey and myself.  Jasey is my RL daughter.

7.  Are you usually around a lot of people, or are you usually alone in world?  For the most part I stay to myself.  The only time I am around a lot of people are at Weddings on my sim, or things like Fameshed, collabor88, or The Arcade.  I do socialize quite a bit with my couples.  Kinda comes with the territory and for me that is ok.  For the most part I prefer to be alone or with Jasey and Noble only.  I have come across some shady peeps in world who really have rubbed me the wrong way and I do not have the good sense it takes to not be so candid about the many ways ppl F up in world.   So... In order to keep myself "PC"...  I stay to myself and only push back when I am pushed over the edge.  I have a very low tolerance for stupid, shady ppl.  And...  SL is full of em.  Sorry if that offends anyone.  But...  I know you all silently agree with me to a point.

So there you have it.  The "dirty scoop" on how I communicate within SecondLife!

Till Next Time,

Winter Tenenbaum

Monday, May 27, 2013

Fresh new face at PixelDolliez!

I bring to you tonight a new shape at PixelDolliez...

This is Katrina, our newest shape here at the shack///  Stop on by today to check out our many other shapes we have to offer.  

More new shaped being added daily.  Seriously we would have no life if it wasn't for our SL!

Anywho...  For a full sized picture of our shapes stop on by the shack and check us out.