Sunday, October 20, 2013

This is Halloween

Well, well my lovelies....  It has certainly been a while since my last post.


The Bewitching hour is upon us and so I feel compelled to sit my tukis down at this computer, and start letting my fingers do the talking!

Anyone who knows me will tell you that Halloween is by far my most favorite Holiday.  I always loved to play dress up as a little girl, and Halloween allows us adult kiddies to continue playing dress up (even if for only a day).

So...  I scoured the stores in SecondLife looking for my favorite picks for Halloween costumes.

I am really into my Tango Boobies and my Phat Azz so for the most part you are going to see costumes devoted to these two items as I feel there just is not enough creators jumping on board as of yet to create more clothing for us curvy ladies.

Skinny ladies... Do not be discouraged.  All of the costumes I am going to review will also come with a "no Tango, no Phat Azz" option for you.

up first for review is my favorite pick so far...

This lovely creation is called succubus made by Sassys.

There are 3 color options to choose from in their store at the :"Azz Show" .  Available in white  (the color seen above) , Black, and Red.

I chose the white color for myself because it is called "False Purity".  That's me!  

Here's the outfit DEETZ...

Costume ~ Succubus (False Purity) ~ Sassys

Hair ~ Dolly ~ Truth

Eyes ~ Noir Optix ~ Twilight Red Eyes

Lashes ~ Falsies ~ Mon Cheri

Dark Eye Shadow ~ Glam Affair (Cosmetics Fair)

Lipstick ~ Glam Affair (Cosmetics Fair)

Boobies ~ Mirage ~ Tango

Phat Azz ~ Luck Inc.

Skin ~ Glam Affair ~ Angelica ~ America

Hands ~ Elegant hands ~ Slink

Till Next Time,

Winter Tenenbaum

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