Friday, June 28, 2013

50 L Friday!

Hi My Lovelies!...

What day is it?...

It's 50 L Friday, Silly!

Here's is just one of the items on the list for 50 L Friday.

The Dress...

Not bad for 50 L's.  Comes with a color change HUD with a variety of different color options to choose from, and the sizes are pretty accurate as far as mesh goes.

The dress is called MIEL Nautica Dress, made by who else...  MIEL.

So far for me...  I have no complaints whatsoever about this dress.

Here's the outfit DEETZ...

Skin ~ Glam Affair ~ Summer ~ America

Hair ~ Lelutka ~ GoGo ~ Fire Red (hat included with color change options)

Eyes ~ MayFly ~ Mesh Eyes ~ Desert Dawn Shadow

Eyelashes ~ Hush ~ Lush Lashes

Hands ~ Slink ~ Elegant Hands

Feet ~ Slink ~ Tiptoe


Till Next Time,


Thursday, June 27, 2013

Fun in the Sun!

So...  I'm still in my dream world having a SL Vacation, cuz IRL, for the Summertime I will be having a "Staycation"  Thanks to Sequestor cuts (thank you very much idiots running the govt.)...

So, while I was out shopping I decided to get a new bathing suit.

Because 23 suits is just not enough!

So here's the new suit...


Till Next Time,


Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Splish Splash!

No Im not taking a bath!

We'll okie...  I'll admit I do Bathe everyday...  

Was just having some more summer fun at home, and have really been trying to learn my way around Photoshop.

Toodles for now...

I'll be back, when the day is new...

And I'll have some more pictures for you to view...

And then you might say, we have a lot to talk about...




Night Night.

Till Next time...



Just havin some romantic fun with Mr. Yummy!

SL Disney Bounding Blogger Challenge

This weeks challenge...  BOO from Monster Inc.

Since I am in the mood for Summer, and just bought a new beach house...  

I figured I would do a beachy theme picture for this.

Boo is absolutely one of my favorite Disney Characters.

Maybe...  Because I have 3 little girls of my own.

and... Because I like the color purple!


Here's the outfit Deetz...

Skin ~ Summer ~ Glam Affair

Hair ~ Zuska ~ Browns

Eyes ~ Mayfly liquid Light Mesh Eyes ~ Desert Dawn Shadow

Lashes ~ Hush ~ Lush Lashes

Bathing Suit ~ Kuuipo Tied String Bikini

Dress ~ Deetalez Dresses Wet and Dry

Hands ~ Slink Hands

Till Next Time,


Summertime is the best time of year!

Some more Summer Fun!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Hair Fair Contest: Breakfast at Winters

Here is my Entry for the Hair Fair Contest: Breakfast at Winters!

I had a lot of fun shopping for this picture.

Only difficulty I did have was finding a darn necklace that I liked enough to wear with this get up.

I wanted something with pearls and Diamonds that looked elegant and sophisticated.

All I could find where too flashy and showy.

Not at all what I wanted.

Anywho...  Here's the outfit Deetz...

Skin ~ Summer America ~ Glam Affair

Hair ~ January ~ Truth ~ Light Browns

Eyes ~ Mayfly ~ Desert Dawn Shadow ~ Mesh Eyes

Dress ~ Audrey ~ Cracked Mirror

Lashes ~ Lush Lashes ~ Hush

Hands ~ Slink ~ Elegant

Cigarette ~ The Sea Hole ~ Parisian Cigarette and Holder

Tiara ~ Pandora Tiara in Shimmer ~ Tempestuous

Till Next Time...


I Love Lelutka Hair!

Hey again!...  I had been gone for about two weeks, and when I return I find that Lelutka had created some new hair!

What a wonderful way of celebrating my return to SL!

OMG...  I am so in love with her new styles.

The one I am wearing is called "Beth"...

Comes with a variety of bandanna color options.

The hair is amazingly, quite realistic looking!

I think tho...  My favie for the summertime is gonna be "GoGo" because it comes with a super fun hat that has a good variety of texture options!

Enjoy again  :))

Till Next Time,


Summer Fun with Mr. Yummy!

Hi again!  Just thought I would post a few more pics for ya all.

Just me and Mr. Yummy having some fun on the beach with all the goodies we got at SummerFest!

Enjoy  :))

Till Next Time, 



So...  I finally stumbled on over to SummerFest, and MAN!  What a selection of cute items!

I was most impressed with the bikini's from Boom, but I also Love, Love, LOVE... The new Summer skin from Glam Affair!

SummerFest has everything from outdoor beach decor, to flowers for your pretty little hair, and lots of stuff in between!

If you have not already stopped by SummerFest...  YOU SHOULD!

I know, I know...  I waited quite a while.  Actually I was on a break from SL due to some RL Mama Drama, but I'm back, and ready to tear this place up!

Anywho...  Here's the outfit Deetz...

Skin ~ Summer ~ America ~ Glam Affair

Hair ~ GoGo ~ Lelutka ~ Dark Reds ~ With Hat

Bathing Suit ~ Boom ~ Sugar

Eyes ~ Mayfly ~ Desert Dawn Shadow Mesh Eyes

Lashes ~ Hush ~ Luscious Lashes

Hands ~ Slink Mesh Hands ~ Elegant

Feet ~ Slink Mesh Feet


Till Next Time...


Monday, June 24, 2013

Whats Your Digits? Take # 3


Proportions challenge questions:

1. Do you try to keep your avatars body proportionate and similar to picture above?  The short answer is...  Probably not.  I basically just fiddle around with numbers till my body looks the way I want it to.  Those numbers do change per whatever Mesh outfit I am wearing.  My head and face tho always remain the same.

2.  What do you dislike most about the SL avatar Mesh?  What bothers me the most is the fact that some small sized Mesh Clothing is actually extra small or XXS.  Alot of times I find I am having to adjust my butt size, Breast size, or hip width accordingly just so I do not see those awful invisible lines from the Alphas.

3.  Does it bother you when you see other SL Avatars that are not proportionate at all?  I honestly could care less.  It's not so much a pet peeve of mine.  To each their own.

4.  Even though this is a virtual world and people can be anything they want to be, do you feel when they are in human form, they should try to keep their proportions close to average?  Nah...  Again this is SL and people are free to be anything they want to be.  As for myself...  I'm a bit of a picky person.  Always gotta look my best!

Now for the second part of the challenge.  Sharing my digits!  I will go ahead and share my body digits.  My face however was created by mwah, and I will not share as my face is what sets me apart from the rest of the folk on SL.

Height ~ 6 feet tall on flat feet.  Picture shown I am wearing tip toe feet from Slink (according to the SL Avatar Ruler)
Body Fat ~ 8
Head Size ~ 58
Torso Muscle ~ 31
Breast Size ~ 47
Arm Length ~ 60
Hand size ~ 30
Torso Length ~ 42
Love Handles ~ 38
Belly Size ~ 0
Leg Muscle ~ 46
Leg Length ~ 40
Hip Width ~ 77
Butt Size ~ 35
Saddle Bags ~ 32

So there you have it!  My digits...

I know my digits may not seem proportional to some, but I am happy with the way my avatar looks.  For today atleast...

Till Next Time,

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Fun in the Sun!

Okay...  So I know it's been awhile since my last post.  Been kinda on a personal Hiatus for a bit due to some RL Family Mama Drama.

Before I went on my mini "Vacation"...  I bought a bunch of items from "The Arcade"  to kinda show off in pics.


I'M a California Gal, and I just love anything near the ocean!  so this was a "Must Do" picture as far as I am concerned.

If you have not been to The Arcade already then get your tukus down there!

So many items to buy there.

Till Next Time,