Monday, April 29, 2013

My Three SL Wishes Meme...

Here are my three SL wishes.

1. I wish that everyone in SL got along, and the amount of shady folk within the game would dwindle down next to none.

I have met some real DOOZIES in SL.  

One woman in particular actually... We'll call her "Snugglebunny"... Believed me to be sooooo obsessed with her, that every person this woman spoke to in SecondLife in the year 2011... She believed to be an alt of mine.  

How do I know this you might ask?...  She sent me a note card with a list of about 350 names in SecondLife that she swore she had proof were all my alts!  350 alts!  all mine!... 

Okay first of all...  I barely have time for the two whole alts that I have on SecondLife.  In fact I have so little time for them that I have completely forgotten a password for one of them.  

My alts are for business only.  You see... As a creator...  My inventory gets pretty full... So... The need for alts becomes a necessity from time to time.

"Snugglebunny" and I used to be friends within SecondLife, and had a falling out that I didn't think was such a huge deal at the time.  In fact... I was over the falling out by the next day, and moving on to bigger, brighter, better things to fill my time with.

I'm guessing the "falling out" that her an I had,  made her a bit "paranoid" to say the least.  And... From the note cards she shared with me... She was obviously making "frenemies" everywhere she went along the grid.

Then there is the woman who's partner owns "Sweethearts".  You all know the place I am sure...  I am banned permanently from her sim because I dared ask if I could pay for an advertisement board on her sim for my Wedding Business.

She owns "La Couer Weddings" you see, and she believes herself to be huge competition for me.   

At the time I asked to pay for advertisement space, (a courtesy she gives to anyone else along the grid)... I did not realize she owned "La Couer Weddings".

Nor did I care.

I just thought "Sweethearts" is an entire sim dedicated to lovers and it would have been a smart business decision to pay for advertising space on the sim.

So... Long story short... I am permanently banned from "Sweethearts" because I am a double threat to her laughable wedding business.

Best comment I have ever heard, and the funniest... Was when this woman proceeded to tell me " when you have a big wedding business like I have, then you will understand why I will not allow you to advertise with us".

You just cannot make this shiznit up! And...  It's a wastefull use of my time to try to fix stoopid.

I know... I know...  I'm sure to raise a few eyebrows today.  But... I would not be Winter Tenenbaum if I did not piss at least two people off a day.

Yes... I know I sound like a Bitch... But SecondLife is no place for false modesty.

I have a few friends who DJ for "Sweethearts", and it would be nice to be able to stop in,  listen to them, and leave them a tip... Like I used to do!

2.  I wish I had time to slow down a bit in SecondLife at times and enjoy the game.

I keep so busy in-between building and weddings, that I barely have time to just enjoy SecondLife for the fun of it and hang out with my Significant Other for some winding down time, and fun.

Jasey is always shopping, and is always trying to teleport me everywhere she goes.

She say's I'M boring because I hardly have time to shop!

Not that I don't find creating, building, and Weddings, fun...  Because I absolutely LOVE what I do here.

But... Some "down time" would be nice...

3.  I wish SecondLife would run properly, on demand!  I hate, hate, hate "Rolling Restart Tuesdays"!  

Every-time there are Rolling Restarts along the grid...  I lose inventory.  And.... Forget "Inventory Maintenance ... My inventory is STILL jacked up from the last "inventory Maintenance" day.

I'M starting to wonder if I will ever get all of my inventory back...

Heres the outfit DEETZ...

Shape ~ PixelDolliez ~ Autumn
Skin ~ [PXL] Linda in natural with pale lips
Eye makeup ~ [PXL] Linda ~ Purple Eye Shadow
Eye Lashes ~ Hush ~ Lush Lashes
Eyes ~ Aphotic Gloom ~ Clarus
Hair ~ Truth ~ Tenille in Champagne
Mesh Hands ~ Slink ~ Elegant
Mesh Feet ~ Slink
Shirt ~ Cold Logic ~ Graham Pinks
Capri's ~ Cold Logic ~ Brooks Pink

Till Next Time,

Winter Tenenbaum

Wedding Bells and Balloons!

It's been a very long time coming... But... It's official!

Me and and long time "Man Whore", Extremely Noble, are engaged!

For once I get to plan a wedding that is my own to plan!


It's gonna be the Wedding Bash of the century!

Gonna be a very "BOHO CHIC" style event.

Think... Central park in Spring Time...

I can't wait!

I just love me some HIM!

Till Next Time,

Winter Tenenbaum

Winter's Day Out!

So... I stumbled upon this sim while reading Strawberry Singh's Blog.  What an amazing place to visit.  The setting reminds me of a town square village in France.  Absolutely gorgeous!

The sim is called Basilique.  If you have the chance and some free time...  Please pay the sim a visit.  There is a Members only area to the sim which is stunning.  A great deal of nice atmosphere and ambiance for those of us who like to take pictures of our lovely selves along the grid.

You can also get a free pass for the members only area simply by contacting any member of the Basilique Team Staff, as well as a guided tour of the sim.

and now....

Let's talk about this gorgeous outfit I am wearing...

The dress is by Cold Logic.

Originally, I was not too impressed with Cold Logic when she first began creating mesh.  However... As you can see...  She has gotten much better with her mesh outfits.

The dress looks stunning!  

I usually tend to stay away from the low cut neck lines because they tend to look a bit dodgy.  Especially if you have larger breasts.

The neckline on this dress is perfect!  I played with a few different sizes for my" buppies", but if I'm not wearing my Lola's...  I'll stick with the average sized bust line.

The textures on the dress and belt are flawless.

You do get three belt color options with this dress.

Included in the package is a Lagoon (Turquoise Colored Belt), a Black Belt, and a Yellow Belt.

Then... There is the hair!  OMG!  I just love the bouffant style!

I have tried on other bouffant styles in SecondLife, but I love this one!

The other's I have tried on just seemed to take over my face, and all you could notice was the hair.  Was very distracting.

The hair is from Lelutka and comes in a variety of colors including the fades that some of us women in SecondLife just love.

Here's the outfit DEETZ...

Shape ~ PixelDolliez ~ Autumn
Skin ~ [PXL] ~ Linda with Red Gloss Lips
Eye Lashes ~ Hush ~ Lush Lashes
Eye Makeup ~ [PXL] Linda ~ Aqua Eye Shadow
Dress with Belt ~ Cold Logic ~ Singer in Lagoon
Hair ~ Lelutka ~ Bouffant in BlondeFun ( Hairbase, and Tiara included)
Eyes ~ Aphotic Gloom ~ Clarus
Mesh Hands ~ Slink ~ Elegant
Mesh Feet ~ Slink
Heels ~ Slink ~ Vintage White Pumps

Till Next Time,

Winter Tenenbaum

Sunday, April 28, 2013


I found this cute pose prop from What Next.  Who doesn't love Balloons?!

This set comes with both Single, and Couples poses within the package.

I plan to use the Couples pose for Mine, and my Yummy, Yummy main squeeze, Extremely Noble's Wedding Invitation!

Best 100 L's spent today in SecondLife!

Oh BTW...  For those of you who do not know this yet...  Mon Tissu just released her spring line.  ADORABLE!

Here's the outfit DEETZ...

Shape ~ Autumn ~ PixelDolliez
Skin ~ [PXL] ~ Linda in Natural
Hair ~ Exile ~ Beyond the waves in Light Blonde
Eyes ~ Aphotic Gloom ~ Clarus Eyes
Eye Lashes ~ Hush ~ Lush Lashes
Mesh Hands ~ Slink ~ Elegant
Mesh Feet ~ Slink
Shoes ~ Slink ~ Vintage White Pumps
Dress ~ DayDream Dress ~ Floral
Balloon Props ~ What Next

Till Next Time, 
Winter Tenenbaum

Winter's New Look

Here's my new look.  I have been running all over the grid trying to find something new for my look.  Don't get me wrong...  I love my LOGO Mesh Avatar... But...  I build so much, and to be honest with you, it's a pain in the arse to continuously remember to take off the mesh head whenever I try to edit, or build anything. 

Crashing is no fun!  Especially with inventory like mine.  I seem to lose inventory each time I crash.

So...  I made the painful decision to move on from my LOGO Mesh Avatar, and go back to the traditional  NON MESH avatar within SL.

I wanted something that screams sexy, and alluring. So many skins along the grid are to "sweet" looking" which is totally not me in either lives.

The skin is called "Linda"  from [PXL]

One of the best skins (by far) along the grid I have seen in a very long time.  

Her Demo's offer a ton of options that you can play with and customize with eye-shadow tattoo layers to better know which skin options and makeup options work best for you.

[PXL] offers a variety of skin options for each shade.

Skins cost 1k each.  Tattoo layer eye-shadows are 100 L's each shade.

The best thing about this skin, and the main reason I went on the "great skin hunt of 2013", was the fact that I can wear my slink hands and feet, as well as my tango boobies with this skin!

The shape I am wearing is called "Autumn"  from PixelDolliez.  A new up and coming shape store in SL.

Owned by JaseyRae Petrovic (my daughter in both lives).

If you want an avatar that will actually have curves...  Check out PixelDolliez.

One of the things I like best about my shape is that PixelDolliez adds 4 different options for you.

Included is a skirt fix shape, a lingerie shape, a prim breast shape, and a basic shape with a curvy fisique. 

I love when us female avies stick to the curves our mama's gave us.  I am not stick thin in RL, and I refuse to be in SL as well.

I'm a real woman and I would prefer my avatar reflected that.  

Real Women have curves!

Also, PixelDolliez is versatile with a TON of skins!  I have worn everything from [PXL], Al Vulo, Curio, League, LAQ, Pink Fuel, Essences, Izzies, WOW Skins, Mojo, and Glam affair with this shape, and It is hard for me to decide which is my MOST FAVIE look, because I love them all!

PixelDolliez also offers custom work.  Please contact JaseyRae Petrovic for custom shapes.

Here's the DEETZ to my new look...

Shape ~ Autumn ~ PixelDolliez

Skin ~ [PXL] ~ Linda in Natural

Eye Makeup ~ [PXL] Linda ~ Paradise Eyes ~ Tattoo Layer

Hair ~ Exile ~ Beyond the Waves ~ Light Blonde (flowers included)

Eyes ~ Aphotic Gloom ~ Calrus Eyes

Lashes ~ Hush ~ Lush Lashes

Till Next Time,

Winter Tenenbaum

Saturday, April 27, 2013

50 Shades of Sexy

Heres this weeks 50 Shades of Sexy Blogger Challenge.

I had missed the last few weeks of this challenge due to RL.  But...  I am happy to say I am back on track, and ready to dive in to the blogger challenge's again.

This weeks challange was "Afternoon Delight".  

Who, out of any of us couldn't use one of them every now and then...  Wink, Wink...

So, I asked my yummy partner, Extremely Noble, to help me with this one.

Here are the outfit DEETZ...

~Winter's Attiure~

Skin ~ Pink Fuel ~ Alyx

Lingerie ~ Zaara

Mesh Hands ~ Slink ~ Elegant

Hair ~ Truth ~ Hollana

~Noble's Attire~

Skin ~ Birth

Hair ~ Exile

Men's Underpants ~ Zaara

Pose ~ Seil Expression ~ Owned by Me

Till Next Time,

Winter Tenenbaum

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Week 7 SL DisneyBound Challenge: Kuzco

This weeks SL DisneyBound Blogger Challenge was Kuzco from The Emperor's New Groove.

Honestly... One of my favorite Disney movies.  My favorite character... Kronk!

My kids watched this movie till it no longer would play in the VCR.  Anyone remember those?....  I didn't mind watching a bit though, because as I said... One of my FAVIE Disney Movies!

I know the movie was more "Aztec"  but I really wanted to do the pic wearing this red and turquoise Pashmina from Zaara.

I love how all these colors come together in this outfit.

Here are the outfit DEETZ:

Skin ~ Pink Fuel ~ Alyx in Porcelain

Eyes ~ Redgrave ~ Mountains

Hair ~ Truth ~ Emily

Tank Top ~ Zaara ~ Mishti Tank in Wine

Zaara ~ Pashmina Shawl ~  Berry Blue

Shoes ~ Zaara ~ Ilaida Mojri ~ Turquoise

Pants ~ Zaara Mesh Kavya Summer Pants in Ebony

Earrings ~ Zaara Atriya Stone Earrings in Turquoise

Bracelet ~ Zaara Atriya Stone Bracelet in Turquoise

Lashes ~ Hush ~ Lush Lashes

Hands ~ Slink Mesh Hands ~ Elegant

Till Next Time,

Winter Tenenbaum

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Why Do I Blog Meme...

Why do I blog?...

1.  How long have you been blogging:  I have been blogging for years but have only blogged for anything SL related for about a year now.

2.  Why did you start blogging:  I started blogging after I wrote a funny "Day in the life"  and it was a hit amongst all my friends on Myspace.  OMG!  Soooo long ago... Anyone use Myspace anymore?...

3.  How many times a week do you post an entry:  I atleast try to get two posts in a week.  Sometimes I am able to get one for every day of the week, depending on my RL schedule.  I live a hectic life with a hectic family of 8, so sometimes the blogging just has to wait.

4.  How many different blogs do you read on a regular basis:  I read about 6 blogs on a regular basis.  Mostly SL fashion related.  One blog belongs to a RL friend, and I like to read to catch up in the daily, dailies of her life.

5.  Do you comment on other people's blogs:  Yes I do.

6.  Do you keep track of how many visitors you have:  Yes I do.  I kinda like to know how many ppl visit my blog on the daily.  It amazes me how many ppl out there who actually give a crap what I have to say.

7.  Did you ever regret a post that you wrote:  Not in the least.  If it's on my mind... And, I feel like I need to share or vent...  You better believe I will do so, without looking back.  

8.  Do you think your readers have a true sense of who you are based on your blogs:  I hope so!  

9.  Do you blog under your real name:  No I do not.

10.  Are there topics that you would never blog about:  There are (believe it or not), "grey" areas that I will not press upon out of respect to some people.

11.  What is the theme/topic of your blog/blogs:  This particular blog is about anything and everything related to SL, and SL fashion.  My other blog: Confessions of  an SL Wedding Planner, is more like my diary I like to keep regarding anything SL Wedding related.  All the best Wedding attire, or decor creators...  As well as just the good, bad, and the ugly of weddings in SL.  

12.  Do you have more than one blog?  If so, why:  I do have more than one blog.  Both are SL related.  I did have another blog a long time ago on Myspace that was more like a funny diary I kept of me, my life, my kids, etc...

13.  What have you found to be the benefits of blogging:  I like that blogging is a great way for me to express myself, and show off my creative side.

14.  Why do you continue to blog:  Because I absolutely LOVE it!  Especially all the SHOPPING I get to do for these blogs.

So there ya have it...

Why do you blog???

Till Next Time,

Winter Tenenbaum

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Week 6: SL DisneyBound Challenge ~ Merida

This is week #6 of the SL DisneyBound Blogger Challange.

This weeks challenge was Merida, from the Disney movie "Brave".

I had so much fun creating this portrait with my avie, as Brave is one of my FAVORITE Disney movies.

Maybe it's because I am a redhead IRL, and us redheads need to stick together.

Maybe because it's because the movie reminds me of home a bit, and of my culture.

Either way...  I had a blast trying to find just the right outfit and accessories to compliment my avie.

BTW...   This picture was taken at the " Noble Storybook Island"... If you have not yet checked out the "Noble Storybook Island"... You are missing out.  I have yet to find a spot on this sim that I do NOT want to take a picture in.  It is a gorgeous sim and a "Must See" in SL.

Here are the outfit DEETZ...

Skin~ Essences ~ Wedensday ~ Beach in Ginger
Eyes ~ Mountains by Redgrave
Hair ~ *~*Damselfly*~* ~ Rialynn Mesh Hair in Warm Ginger
Lashes ~ Hush Lush Lashes
Pose, Bow and Arrow~ *~* HopScotch*~* Zodiac The Huntress 2

Enjoy my lovelies...

Till Next Time,
Winter Tenenbaum

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Feeling a little bit...

Naked tonight!

I found this awesome new toy, thanks to Strawberry Singh...

Light Projectors!  If you do not have one... You should get one!

Cajsa Lilliehook makes an awesome one!  Very "User Friendly", which is important for me as I am not the most "Tech Saavy" of people.

Very little editing needed to be done to get the lights just the way I wanted them.

I took this picture in Firestorm (because I was just too lazy to sign on to the BETA viewer)... But, as you can see from the pic... Even shot in Firestorm, it's not a bad pic.

I do have a problem with my hair in the boobie, more than I do the quality on Firestorm but I wanted to show you all how easy this projector is to use.  

I am pretty sure that I will continue to use the projector from time to time for pictures.

I wish I could run along the grid naked all the time!  I hate finding all my clothes!

I have waaaaay to much stuff in my inventory.

anywho...  Enjoy the pic and my Hairy Nips!  J/K  I swear they are not really Hairy...

Till Next Time...

Winter Tenenbaum

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

SL Names Meme

So... As usual...  I'm a bit late with Meme Monday but here goes...

Monday's Meme was all about SL Names.

Enjoy  :)

1.  What's your SL Name?   Winter Tenenbaum

2.  What made you choose this name?  Since Winter is my favorite season (Christmas to be exact, and no NOT for the gifts), I thought something "Wintery" would fit me just right.  I was trying to go for the name "Christmas Snow" (After Chrissy from Three's Company)  If you remember at all her whole name was "Christmas Snow", and she by far was my favorite character on the show.  A Ditz just like me at times...  Well... Any of you know how hard it is to grab the last name "Snow" in SL.  I mean... It was available, however... Everytime I would pick "Christmas" as a first name... The last name "Snow" would never come up.  Nothing even related to "Snow" or "Christmas" would come up for a last name.  Hence... Winter Tenenbaum was born!

3.  What is your SL nickname, or what do most ppl call you?  Most ppl just call me Winter, or Mrs. Winter.

4.  What is your SL display name?  Winter

5.  Do you like your SL name?  I LOVE IT!

6.  If you could change your SL name, what would it be?  I do not believe I would want to change it.

7.  What is the craziest/funniest SL name you have ever seen?  I did see someone who named himself "LongDuckDong"  I'm sure he was imbellishing just a bit... :)

8.  What is the coolest/Best name you have ever seen in SL?  Im gonna have to go with Jasey's answer on this one.  I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Charlie Sheen!  I swear to ya... Charlie Sheen!  We married Charlie and his lovely Bride Nicoletta last Spring.  Direct Quote from Charlie Sheen (and yes I have the NC to prove it)  " I LOVE EVER AFTER WEDDINGS!"  Oh and uh... "WINNING!"


Shape ~ Deviant Style ~ Nevina
Skin ~ Essences ~ Beach in Ginger
Hair~ Truth ~ Marisol in Auburn
Eyes ~ Redgrave ~ Mountains
Eyeshadow ~ Shakeup
Lipstick ~ Essences Lipstick in pale pink
Lashes~ Hush

Till Next Time,

Winter Tenenbaum

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Feeling a little Retro today...

Im feeling a bit Retro today after visiting Collabor88.

The theme for this round is Kitch!  Alot of nice Kitchy things to score this time around.

If you have not already made it over to Collabor88... YOU SHOULD!

None of what I am wearing is from Collabor88, sadly.

But... No fear... I will post pics today of my "Kitchy" finds from there.

Just being at Collabor88 put me in the mood to do a pic like this.

So I summoned my "Man Whore", Extremely Noble to hop online and take a pic with me.

Being the awesome "Man Whore" he is... He rushed right online to help me.

Here are the outfit DEETZ...

Winter's Outfit:

Shape ~ LOGO Infinity Chloe Hybrid Mesh Avatar
Skin ~ LOGO Infinity Chloe Base Skin in Alabaster
Hair ` Artilleri ~ Sabina ~  in Blondie
Top ~ Artilleri ~ Marcy Top in Yellow
Shorts ~ Artilleri ~  Johanna High waisted Shorts in Dark Blue
Bare Feet ~ GOS Bare Feet

Noble's Outfit:

Shape and Skin ~ LOGO ~ Ethan
Shorts ~ Meli Amako ~ Full Perm Rigged Mesh Mens Slim Fit Britpop Summer Shorts
Shirt ~ Artilleri ~ Nicke in Hawaiian Shirt in Blue

Till Next Time,

Winter Tenenbaum

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Okay, this is getting cray-cray

So I woke up this morning (This is Jasey BTW) went upstairs to take some meds and when I glanced over at the computer, I see someone standing over Winter's head, so I looked at their profile and guess what it said, and i'm not even kidding.


Spelling errors and all.

Like seriously? You guys couldn't even get a better troll to do your dirty work? At least other businesses try to make their trolls look believable.
Which tells me that these people only had the intent to be mean and nasty.
OH and she IM'ed Winter throughout the night too, Here's the IM:
[01:10] hereiamagain: wak
[01:10] hereiamagain: the
[01:10] hereiamagain: fuck
[01:10] hereiamagain: up
[01:10] hereiamagain: wake
[01:10] hereiamagain: thefuck
[01:10] hereiamagain: up
[01:10] hereiamagain: wakethe
[01:10] hereiamagain: fuck
[01:10] hereiamagain: up
[01:10] hereiamagain: wake
[01:10] hereiamagain: thefuckup
[01:10] hereiamagain: wake
[01:10] hereiamagain: the fuck
[01:11] hereiamagain: up
[01:11] hereiamagain: wake
[01:11] hereiamagain: thefuck
[01:11] hereiamagain: up
[01:11] hereiamagain: wake
[01:11] hereiamagain: thefuck
[01:11] hereiamagain: up
[01:11] hereiamagain: wake
[01:11] hereiamagain: thefuck
[01:11] hereiamagain: up
[01:11] hereiamagain: wake
[01:11] hereiamagain: theufckup
[01:11] hereiamagain: wakethefuck
[01:11] hereiamagain: up
[01:11] hereiamagain: wakethefuckup
[01:11] hereiamagain: waketheufckup
[01:11] hereiamagain: wakethefuckup
[01:11] hereiamagain: wakethefuckup
[01:11] hereiamagain: wakethefuckup
[01:11] hereiamagain: wakethefuckup
[01:11] hereiamagain: wakethefuckup
[01:11] hereiamagain: wakethefuckup
[01:11] hereiamagain: wakethefuckup
[01:11] hereiamagain: wakethefuckup
[01:11] hereiamagain: wakethefuckup
[01:11] hereiamagain: wakethefuckup
[01:11] hereiamagain: wakethefuckup
[01:11] hereiamagain: wakethefuckup
[01:11] hereiamagain: wakethefuckup

OH and then he/she decided to spam Winter's online indicator with the alphabet over and over again...

How annoying?
It's sad really, that these other businesses feel the need to be rude to get ahead. And this all started because someone at their business got sour grapey because we wouldn't let them copy our venues (Which they had already done).

SO, potential Brides and Grooms, be wary of Timeless Weddings. If they can't even handle competition with professionalism, how do you think they're going to handle your Wedding?

Ps. This is how we KNOW we're at the top, because little businesses like this feel threatened. We don't feel threatened in the slightest, hence why we don't send Trolls over to other businesses. Call me old fashioned, but I like to find success the honest and hard-working route, you know, the kind where you find it yourself.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

SL DisneyBound Week Five: Dory

This picture is for the SL DisneyBound Week Five: Dory Challenge.

I had so much fun doing this challenge.

Especially... The SHOPPING that comes with the territory in doing these challenges.

This weeks challenge was Disney's Dory from Finding Nemo.

I know my ankles look a bit funny in this pic.  I am still getting the hang of photoshop.

 I Hope You Enjoy!

BTW... The Sim I am at is called The Noble Storybook Island.  If you have not stopped by to see this sim, you should!  It is truly amazing!  The sim is based on the life and books of Beatrix Potter.  I promise you will leave this place AMAZED at the craftmanship that went into building this sim.

Here's the outfit DEETZ...

Shape ~ LOGO Infinity Chloe Hybrid Mesh Avatar
Skin ~ LOGO Infinity Chloe Base Skin
Hair ~ Truth ~ Tenille ~ Light Blondes
Shirt ~ Peqe ~ Off The Shoulder Sweater in Blue
Pants ~ Vive Nine SKinny Jeans in Yellow
Shoes ~ Fri.Day ~ Basic Flats in Black

Till Next Time,

Winter Tenenbaum

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Our Love Story...

Saving the World!

This is for Jasey.

You know what I'm talking about...

Cloud Nine...

Ooh LaLa!

I just LOVE the classic, Vintage Lingerie look.

This look is brought to you by... Ooh LaLa!   

At first I was not a huge fan of Ooh LaLa until I started to try on her vintage collection.

I just love how sexy, and alluring this Lingerie I am wearing makes me feel.

Wish I looked this good IRL, let me tell ya!

The best part...  Ooh LaLa's entire collection of lingerie comes with Tango Appliers!

I hate nothing more than walking into a store and find that I totally love an outfit, but.... No Tango appliers...

I know you all must be sick of hearing me sing the praises of Tango Appliers... But... Let me tell ya....

I was skeptic at first about the fact that I would LOVE my new Bigguns!

Jasey even tried to warn me that I would love em.

NOPE!  I did not believe her a bit.

Jasey was right on the money...  I LOVE my titties!

My avie was perfct before my new "Boob Job"... Only downside was that I could not wear any tatoo layers with it to enhance my boobies.

It was kinda a bummer, but I didn't mind the sacrifice, because I LOVE my shape and skin.

But, with Lola Tangos...  I think I have enhanced my avies looks and I get great compliments on my face, shape, and yes... My TIG OLE BITTIES!

This Lingerie set is one of the best crafted Lingerie set I have worn so far (and believe me... I have worn alot with and without Tango Appliers)

Most of the time I have to edit the bra top to look right.  Not so with this beauty.

The way you see it on my avie... Is the way it wears straight out the box.

Here's the outfit DEETZ...

Shape~ LOGO Infinity Chloe Hybrid Mesh Avatar
Skin ~ LOGO Infinity Chloe Base Skin in Alabaster
Lingerie ~ Ooh LaLa Betty Body Suit in Cream
Hair ~ Truth ~ Sassy2 ~ Light Blondes
Feet~ GOS Bare Feet

Till Next Time.

Winter Tenenbaum

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


So... I think I may have just found a new favorite store to shop at.

Sassys!...  If you haven't paid them a visit yet... you should!

Tonight I bring you the Sassys Lace V-Neck Body Suit.

I absolutely love how this body suit fits over my body, and unlike other clothing that is made out of lace... This outfit is by far the best lace I have seen.

You can get this with or without the Tango Appliers.

For those of  us Large Breasted Beauties... The Texture on this was very easy to modify to fit.

I love how the top shows just enough but not too much, so this can easily be worn with a nice pair of pants or a skirt.

Or... You can do as I did and just wear it as is!

TTFN Ladies...

Till Next Time,

Winter tenenbaum

Hello Titty Tuesday!

So, it's Hello Titty Tuesday... And, while I was out shopping about I ran into this Lingerie piece.

I really do love all the new clothes that are coming out for us bustier women.

It seems that all of our pleas to all those fantastic creators along the grid are starting to be heard.

I cannot wait till next week to see what new and exciting outfits come out again!

The Lingerie I am wearing in this picture was purchased at Blackalce for 498 L's W/ Appliers.

The appliers do not come standard with this piece... So...  be sure to buy the tango applier in the Blacklace main store for this ensemble if your are of the bustier variety as I am.

Here are the outfit DEETZ...

Shape~ LOGO Infinity Chloe Hybrid Mesh Avatar
Skin~ LOGO Infinity Chloe Base Skin in Alabaster
Lingerie~ Blacklace ~ Tender Caress White Sheer Lace Cincher Set w/ Tango Applier
Boobies!~ Lola Tango's
Hair~ Truth ~ Soliel ~ Light Blondes

Till Next Time,

Winter Tenenbaum

Monday, April 8, 2013

My SL Firsts...

Here is a list of 10 of my SL firsts.

Enjoy :)

1.  First SL Friend:  Extremely Noble. He's the one who got me hooked on SL.  It's ALL his fault!  He's been a big part of my life for nearly 8 years now.  We have our ups and down just like any one else in SL.  But, We always seem to find each other again.

2.  First Sl Kiss:  I would like to say my first kiss was with Extremely Noble since we both know each other so well... But, unfortunetely my first kiss was with some Newb at a club that had poseballs out and about.

3.  First SLex time/place/partner:  A lady never tells.

4.  First SL Partner/Girlfriend/Boyfriend/Wife/Husband:  I did have a partnership with Extremely Noble for quite some time.  Sadly... I have planned over a thousand Weddings in my SL days...  But, I have never been married, outside of a wedding video I did to promote videography.

5. First SL Job:  I am a self made SLionare.  My first job was my Wedding Business.

6.  First SL Creation:  Wedding Invitation I made for a friend.  Actually came out real nice too.  I have revised the invitation a bit over the course of two years, and I am happy to say this particular Wedding Invitation is my most popular.

7.  First encounter with a Linden:  I had a Linden come to my place of business to look around so they could place me in the destinations page on

8.  First Encounter of an SLeberity:  Easy!  Bubba and the Bubbettes!  Met them at a Wedding on my sim.

9.  First SL sim you fell in love with:  Midsomer's Isle...  I just love all the landscaping and magical wonders that await each patron who visits this place.

10.  First SL Blog Post:  That would be for my other Blog... Confessions of a SL Wedding Planner.  I didn't post much in that post.  To be honest I was a bit lost about the angle I wanted this blog to take.  I talk about anything, and everything SL Wedding related in this blog.  The good, the bad, and the ugly.  It's kinda like my diary where I can sing some praise or vent.

So that's it NoseMary!  LOL!

I hope you enjoyed hearing about my SL Firsts...

Whats yours?...

Till Next Time,

Winter Tenenbaum

Just for Fun! Part 2

Here is another lovely outfit I found on the marketplace created by Precious Restless.

This outfit is called "Miss Pretty"

I paid 450 L's for the outfit and another 300 L's for the Hair (  Pompadour Hair in powder, also sold by Precious restless).

Shoes are included with the outfit, and come with a handy HUD to match your skin.   As you can see from the pic I think I did a pretty good job at matching, and it must be an easy HUD to use because I absolutely suck at matching shoes to skin.

I must have been been by the Spring Bunny!  I just love all these outfits with the spring flowers all over them ATM.

Enjoy Ladies, and Happy Shopping!

Till Next Time,

Winter Tenenbaum

Just for Fun!

So... I'm thumbin through the marketplace, when I came across this!

This outfit is also by Precious Restless.

Did I mention to you already that she is one of my FAVIE creators in SL?...

The outfit is called " Let's Have Some Fawn, Forest Fairy"

You can find this ensemble on the marketplace or in her world store.

The cost is 550 L's.

I'm an outdoorsey kinda gal, and I just love how playful this outfit made me feel.  

If I could have I would have frolicked through the leaves in Pixie Hollow!

Anywho ladies...


Till Next Time, 

Winter Tenenbaum

Sunday, April 7, 2013

50 shades of Sexy Blogger Challenge

I created this picture for this weeks " 50 Shades of Sexy"  blogger challenge.

The theme this week is " Take My Breath Away". 

I didn't use to be a fan of "Rock Me Amedaus" clothing... But, now that I have huge boobies, I can finally say my mind has been changed!


Here's the DEETZ on the outfit...

Shape ~ LOGO Infinity Chloe Hybrid Mesh Avatar
Skin ~ LOGO Infinity Chloe Base Skin in Alabaster
Lingerir ~ Rock Me Amedaus ~ Barbara in Purple
Hair ~ CaTwa~ Marina ~ Light Blondes
Boobies! ~ LoLa Tango's

Till Next Time,
Winter Tenenbaum

He Loves Me... He Loves Me Not...

Nah... He Loves Me!  Or, at least he better!

I decided to do a lil something sweet, sexy, and fun today.

I have had this pose in my inventory for a few months now, and just never got around to making a picture with it.

The pose is called " Love me, Love me not"  By Aphrodite shop.

It even comes with a cute little petal that you can wear as if you are really plucking petals off the daisy.

Check out the store for more poses including this one.  You will not be disappointied with her selections.

She also makes Cakes, and tables, and a whole bunch of other really fun stuff to play with.

The Lingerie I am wearing is the Carla Lingerie set in white with Tango appliers.   I purchased these off the marketplace for 120 L's

The Lingerie in itself is very nicely created.  You cannot see from this pic as I am not standing, but it really is a pretty set and comes in a variety of different colors.

The hair I am wearing is from Truth and it's called " Tammy ".  I also purchased the hair off the marketplace for 250 L's

My shoes are from Maitreya bought in world at her main store for 875 L's.

I get a lot of people asking me where I got my shape and skin.

The shape and skin I am wearing is from LOGO.  It's called  LOGO Infinity Chloe Hybrid Mesh Avatar.

This is by far the BEST skin and shape I have seen in SL.

The shape and skin come with a great deal of options that you can switch and change all from wearing one hud.

You can change the entire look of you face even with the options given.  It's an amazing product!

This shape and skin does come with a hefty price tag at 3000 L's but believe me ladies... It's well worth it.

Look wise... It hits all the marks for me.  The only drawback I have with this avie, is that about half the time I try to edit  something, I crash.


I always have to remember to remove the Mesh head before I edit anything.

I am wearing Lola Tango's and I do really love them!  They are well worth the 1750 L's paid for them.

Only drawback for the Lolas... is there is not enough clothing out there to " dress em up" .

As these boobies are quickly becoming popular... I'm sure there are a gaggle of creators hoping to hop on the Tango Train soon!

So there you have it for now ladies...  My head to toe look for the moment.

Enjoy Ladies, and Happy Shoppin!

Till Next Time,

Winter Tenenbaum

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Vampy part 2

These are not the best of pics but I wanted to post and give a review anyway.

This entire outfit is made by Precious Restless and was purchased on the marketplace for 850 L's total (including hair).

I had seen this several times on the marketplace and thought about doing a review each time I took a glance.

This is a very sexy, and seductive ALL lace Lingerie set.  It's versatile in the sense that it can be used for a Couture type of picture, or a Gothic, or just feeling really naughty.

The shoes with this outfit worked great straight out the box, and as you can see, are very alluring.

The hair does need a bit of sizing to fit right, but once you figure it out...  It looks amazing.

The only thing I did not like about this outfit was the prim that covers my "NoNo region"...  It's supposed to be something like a sheer cover-up for that area but I feel it's a bit too dark for the lighter shades of skin.

Other than that, this outfit is pretty freakin great!


Have a lovely night, ladies...

Till Next Time,

Winter Tenenbaum

Im Vampy!

I decided today to take a different angle on my fashion choices.

I wanna get away from the "sweet" side of Winter... As if that side truly exists... So I decided to be Vampy today.

I dunno... I'm kinda likin the skin so I may stay this way.  Ya think?


I had this skin in my closet for quite some time now.  Totally forgot I had it till Jasey reminded me.

The shape and skin are both from Redgrave.

Both are called "Trinity".

Trinity skins have three different versions.

I believe their is "paper", which is the one I am wearing.  There is a daytime skin called " Daylight", and a more tanned skin called "Hunter".

All three options are very nice, but I prefer " Paper"...

I had to do a little bit of modifying to the actual shape, as Trinity was just a bit too skinny for my liking, but otherwise this is a beautiful skin and shape.

The eyes are also from Redgrave.

The gown and the Hair are both from Precious Restless.

The gown is called Calme Tristesse 1.2, 

I love that I can wear this with my Lola's!

You have to try this one ladies.  This picture does not do the dress justice.

Alot of times I will find something that will look great in the pictures (especially when the skirt is made of feathers), and then I try it on and it's the ugliest thing ever.

NOT so with this gown!

The way you see it in the pics... Is the way it actually fits!

gown cost me 550 L's and was well worth the price tag!

Only downside to the outfit were the shoes it came with, but I have plenty of shoes so who cares...

Still worth every Linden!

Lets chat about the hair now....

When I saw this in pics I was a bit skeptical, but seeing as I have yet to purchase anything I did not like from Precious Restless, I thought I would give it a whirl.

Oh Boy!...  I'M sure glad I did!

The hair makes this outfit.  Believe me a tried a few more than this one...

The hair is called "Curly Updo Hair".  Simple enough name.

200 L's is what I paid for the hair.

as I said I was skeptical at first, but fater a bit of modifying to fit my skull...  It seems to be a perfect fit!

The shoes worn in the picture are from [GOS] Boutique~ Peeptoe in black.

These shoes are by far some of the best I have seen in SL.  I love how easy each pair is to match with any skin I have (and believe me I have a lot).

You just wear the hud, touch the configure symbol on the HUD, go to the website that pops up, choose your skin, and BAMM!  You're set!

Doesn't get any simpler ladies, really.

So there ya have my new look for the day... Or the moment... I'M sure i'll post more pics real soon of a whole new look.

Enjoy ladies!

Till Next Time,

Winter Tenenbaum

Like a BOSS!

You don't have to love me.
You don't even have to like me.
But, you will respect me.
You know why?...
Cause I"M A BOSS!

I just love this seductive little number.

Makes me feel like a SEXEH BOSS LADEH!

OKay... So it's not exactly what one would call "business wear"... But, I am nothing close to ordinary.

The skirt, is a classic leather skirt from Fanatik.

The shirt is from the 50 shades collection from American Bazaar,

I just love how this shirt screams " Sensual and Sexy" , showing just enough to peak anyone's curiosity about what you got hidden underneath that shirt.

The hair is the best part of this outfit...

I have been finding that wearing long hair with our Lola Tango's can be hard to do since the alpha textures seem to bleed through leaving our nips exposed.

Not so with this hair.  It's truly amazing.

The hair is called Vanessa Mesh Hair by DeLa.

Dela also sells a variety of  " Tango Friendly" hair both on her marketplace as well as in her in world store.

Definetely worth paying DeLa a visit.

BTW... This whole outfit, hair included, cost me under 600 L's

Now my lovelies...

I will leave you with my anthem...

Till Next Time,

Winter Tenenbaum

Friday, April 5, 2013

Happy Caturday!

Because I love ya all so much...  I leave you with this adorable kitten for the night.  Happy Caturday!

Just for FUN!

Just wanted to do a Disney Princess type picture with my kinda twist on it.  I chose to go with Snow White in the spring time.

I absolutely love anything creative couture.  

This outfit was made by Precious Restless.  I believe I have said a time or two already that she is one of my all time favie creators in SL.

You can purchase this outfit on the marketplace, but you must go in her in world store to buy the Tango Appliers.

The outfit cost me a total of 600 L's in her store with Tango Appliers.

I love to go into her store to gather new ideas for my next pic.

Next time Im thinking of going totally Vampish!


Till Next Time,

Winter Tenenbaum