Saturday, April 6, 2013

Like a BOSS!

You don't have to love me.
You don't even have to like me.
But, you will respect me.
You know why?...
Cause I"M A BOSS!

I just love this seductive little number.

Makes me feel like a SEXEH BOSS LADEH!

OKay... So it's not exactly what one would call "business wear"... But, I am nothing close to ordinary.

The skirt, is a classic leather skirt from Fanatik.

The shirt is from the 50 shades collection from American Bazaar,

I just love how this shirt screams " Sensual and Sexy" , showing just enough to peak anyone's curiosity about what you got hidden underneath that shirt.

The hair is the best part of this outfit...

I have been finding that wearing long hair with our Lola Tango's can be hard to do since the alpha textures seem to bleed through leaving our nips exposed.

Not so with this hair.  It's truly amazing.

The hair is called Vanessa Mesh Hair by DeLa.

Dela also sells a variety of  " Tango Friendly" hair both on her marketplace as well as in her in world store.

Definetely worth paying DeLa a visit.

BTW... This whole outfit, hair included, cost me under 600 L's

Now my lovelies...

I will leave you with my anthem...

Till Next Time,

Winter Tenenbaum

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