Friday, April 5, 2013

MY SL Pet Peeve's

Here is a short list of just some of my pet peves in SL.  I'm sure a few of these are sure to raise some eyebrows, but oh well.  I wouldn't be the GREAT and AMAZING Winter Tenenbaum if I didn't piss a few ppl off a day!

1.  Random teleports (especially from ppl I barely know, or have not spoken too in quite some time).  Listem up...  I do not care about what club your DJ'ing at tonight, or what stripper pole in the grid you're dancing at.  Enough with  those darn pesky teleports!

2.  Random requests from noobs who BEG for Lindens!  Yeah, we have all encountered a few in our SL days.  They are annoying as H. E. Double Hockey Sticks!  This does NOT mean that I am NEVER inclined to help a NOOB or two in SL.  This just means STOP BEGGING for the help.

3. Cutomers, who claim to be Bulders in SL, who think they can somehow IMPROVE my wedding venue's, and feel the need to "Critique" my work without being asked.  Running a Wedding Business in SL is stressful enough.  A great deal of the time I build my own venues.  Maybe not totally from scratch, but I have been known to tear a venue COMPLETELY apart and make it more to my style.  So although the prims may have another name on them... For the most part I built that!  And... Not for nothing... But, if you're such a great master of your craft... Why then did you come to me for help with your wedding and venue?... Just sayin...

4. Slaves in SL!  Uggggggghhhhhhh... I get some ppl "fantasize"  about this lifestyle... But, as a woman...  I cannot help but wanna whack the men right upside the head with a virtual  "clue by four", and the women who go along with this sick, insane fantasy really do hold a special place in the crack of my a$$!  Ever try to do a wedding for these types of ppl?... The Grooms even go out there way to treat me like a second class citizen.  One Groom even instructed me to first ask for permission before I spoke to him.  Yeah!  SNORT... Like that's gonna happen in this lifetime or the next!  BTW ladies... THANKS for setting the Women's movement back about 100 years!

and finally...

5.  Pesky Group Notifications!  You know what I'm talking about ppl...  Those groups (who I will not name)  but, they send group notice after group notice, every two darn seconds.  It is so annoying.  Especially those groups you pay good money to join, only to learn that the group notices are annoying as $hit!

Okay, I have whined enough about my pet peeve's.  Now Imma go slip into a hot bath with a nice glass of wine (Calgon take me away)...

As a side note...  Imma say that my # 6 pet peeve is quickly becoming that darn line that keeps showing up in pics whenever I take pics on my Firestorm or SL viewers.  GRRRRR!

Till Next Time,

Winter Tenenbaum

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  1. Now there's a trend with the begger/flatter bots too that go on and flatter you at first and then start begging for money. It soooo irritating and I wonder how many people they have fooled like that. Such a shame. Anyhow, thank you so much for participating!