Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Feeling a little bit...

Naked tonight!

I found this awesome new toy, thanks to Strawberry Singh...

Light Projectors!  If you do not have one... You should get one!

Cajsa Lilliehook makes an awesome one!  Very "User Friendly", which is important for me as I am not the most "Tech Saavy" of people.

Very little editing needed to be done to get the lights just the way I wanted them.

I took this picture in Firestorm (because I was just too lazy to sign on to the BETA viewer)... But, as you can see from the pic... Even shot in Firestorm, it's not a bad pic.

I do have a problem with my hair in the boobie, more than I do the quality on Firestorm but I wanted to show you all how easy this projector is to use.  

I am pretty sure that I will continue to use the projector from time to time for pictures.

I wish I could run along the grid naked all the time!  I hate finding all my clothes!

I have waaaaay to much stuff in my inventory.

anywho...  Enjoy the pic and my Hairy Nips!  J/K  I swear they are not really Hairy...

Till Next Time...

Winter Tenenbaum

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