Monday, July 29, 2013

Cute Corset made by Hard Candy

So...  I know I havent posted a lot recently.  Been a lot of RL stuff going on.  I wanted to make sure I get on and do some much needed fashion blogging.

First up!  This fabulous Pony Cake Corset from Hard Candy!

I love the texture on this corset.  Reminds me of when I was young and would walk around with my "My Little Pony" dolls.  And...  Of course I love anything with a Rainbow of color!

The corset itself fits quite nicely on my avie's body. 

In fact... I would even say it helps shape my hips little better than I can just from editing my body.

I have worn this corset with jeans, short skirts, short shorts, with some nice lace panties, and of course my rainbow panties!

They all look wonderful together, and so fun to play with the many versatile ways you can add this to an outfit.


Usually...  When I wear my Tango's...  I find I have to wear a size medium shirt or corset.  Not so with this one...  A small fit quite nicely, and I didn't notice any visible "invisible lines" or any bulging skin poking out the corset on any side of it.  BONUS!

Hard Candy currently sells several different colorful corsets to choose from.  My all time favorite though is the one I am wearing in this picture, but all of them are super nice!

Stop by and check out the Gacha's at the" Hello Titty" Event and check out all the wonderful merchandise up for grabs for us Big Breasted Babes in SL!

Till Next Time,


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